Celebrate Festive Seasons at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road Singapore

Celebrate Festive Seasons at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road, Singapore
By Alex
Now here’s a sumptuous reason why you should consider alighting at Farrer Park MRT for a buffet binge this Dec and Jan.
Spice Brasserie, located at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road, has recently launched a magnificent feast for Christmas and Chinese New Year.

From 16 Dec 2022 till 2 Jan 2023 (for xmas), and from 16 Jan 2023 to 5 Feb 2023 (for CNY), diners can look forward to a diverse selection of hearty xmas holiday favourites created by Chef Patrick Ooi and his team. Here’s some of the highlights –

What’s not to missed for Christmas

The glistening glazed Honey Char Siew Style Ham with Pineapple, Slow Roast Angus Beef Striploin with Moroccan Spice (Roast Beef Prime Rib on Christmas Eve and Day), and Roasted Lamb Leg with Black Garlic and Rosemary.

Spice Braserrie offers this yuletide a unique twist with something spicy – Tandoorie Oven-Baked Indian Murgh Malai Turkey Kebab with Mint Chutney. Sweeten up your Christmas celebration with the White Chocolate Yule Log Cake with Raspberry Gelee and Pistachio Cream, which looks as good as it tastes!
Promotion (Dine in)

Christmas Early Bird Promotion enjoy 15%, full payment required by 16 Dec 2022, dine in on 23, 24, 25 Dec 2022
New Year’s Early Bird Promotion enjoy 15%, full payment required by 27 Dec 2022, dine in on 31 Dec 2022 and 1 Jan 2023
OCBC (card payment) enjoys 20%, full payment required by 16 Dec 2022, dine in on 23, 24, 25 Dec 2022

What’s not to missed for Chinese New Year
Toast to a prosperous CNY with the Yu Sheng with Red Dragon Fruit Plum Sauce and Crispy Fish Skin. The festive buffet also serves a(Bun)dance spread such as Roasted Herbal Duck, Slow-Cooked Five Spice Beef Short Rib with Lotus Run, Poached Norwegian Whole Salmon with Condiments and desserts such as Steamed Nian Gao with Grated Coconut and Mandarin Orange Sugee Cake.

Promotion (Dine in)
Lunar New Year Early Bird Promotion enjoy 15%, non-refundable full payment is required by 12 January 2023. Please call +65 3138 2518 or email
spicebrasserie.prskt@parkroyalhotels.com to find out more on credit card promotions.

Spice Brasserie @ PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road
Weekday Lunch: 12:00pm to 2:30pm
Weekend Lunch: 12:00pm to 4:00pm
Dinner: 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Address: 181 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208533
Phone: (+65) 3138 2518
Email: spicebrasserie.prskt@parkroyalhotels.com

Sushi-Go 2nd Outlet at AMK Hub dishes out $1 Sushi Promo w ‘Emoji’ Robot Servers

Sushi-Go 2nd Outlet at AMH Hub dishes out  Sushi Promo w ‘Emoji’ Robot Servers
By Alex
Sushi-Go has finally arrive to North-east, in the buzzing AMK Hub. This time fitted in futuristic theme décor with a network of mini robots delivering freshly-made sushi to diners upon order. These ‘Go-Bots’ will serve with emoji-like expressions so that you won’t be fretting why the servers doesn’t serve you with emotion.

Consistency is key. Even before you are seated you will be greeted warmly with the hospitable robot “Irasshaimase!” before leading you to your designated seats – 1 of the 118 seats available there.

Its signature menu of over 150 varieties of sushi, hot items and desserts will be made fresh upon order from the restaurant’s mobile ordering system and delivered straight to your table via Go-Bots.

What I particularly like is the variety, hygiene, efficiency and price point, with sushi offerings starting from $1.80. Even for premium items like ikura gunkan and sashimi are priced as enticing at below $6. Very wallet friendly.

Of course, why would you visit a sushi restaurant if the restaurant doesn’t serve quality food. Sushi-Go does have a number of good contenders here. You won’t go wrong with the crowd pleasers such as the Lobster Salad-Go, Go-Tsumami Salmon Sushi and the Ikura Gunkan.

For me, I really like the Salmon Dragon Roll and the Aburi Shoyu Butter Hotate Sushi. The latter comes with a big, flame-seared juicy hotate scallop with a dash of terikyaki sauce and slick of butter slathered on top the gem. Very worth the $2.80 and it’s a party in the mouth.

Promotion – Two-day Launch Specials
Come 30 – 31 July, Sushi-Go will be having a $1 Sushi Unlimited all-day promo valid on the 30 nigiri items (U.P. $180 – $3) – while stocks last!

Sushi-Go at AMK Hub
Address: #04-02 AMK Hub, 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, S569933
Operating hours: Mon – Fri, 11.30am – 10pm
Sat, Sun & PH, 11am – 10pm

Orchard Live Seafood Serves Tasty Fresh Teochew-Style Seafood from the North

Orchard Live Seafood Serves Tasty Fresh Teochew-Style Seafood from the North
By Alex
Who would have knew that somewhere up North hosts a Chinese restaurant that serves fresh, quality seafood? Orchard Live Seafood in HomeTeamNS Khatib prepares its live catch in a signature Teochew style, all at unbelievably affordable prices.
The restaurant promises the most prized catch right out of the tanks with each and every dish, being one of the major direct importers of lobsters in Singapore.

True to their words, once you enter the restaurant and turn a corner you will see all the different crustaceans inside a wall of tanks, for your pickings!

Seafood sets the pace at Orchid Live Seafood but its main bestseller is its Live Lobster Porridge (starts from $72). We have the Live Southern Australian Lobster (seasonal price). The broth, which is simmered over low-heat for no less than 4 hours, gives a creamy sweetness for a bowl of immense comfort and flavour.
The newly-launched Lobster Salad ($158 fr 4-6 pax) is a refreshing kick-starter, although a tad expensive for me as an appetizer. Filled with a generous mixture of meaty lobsters’ chunks, cantaloupe and celery, the dish is topped with uni before serving.

Named after the founder of the restaurant Chef Steven Chua, the deep fried Signature Steven Chicken ($16 for 8pcs, $24 for 12 pcs, $30 for 16pcs), is signaturely good and simple. The coating of marmite and honey sauce marinade is enough to make the chicken parts umami.

Other sides like the Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clams ($16.80/ piece), Seasoned Fried Baby Squid with Sweet and Spicy Thai Sauce ($23) and Seasoned Fired Baby Squid ($23) is good and you can taste the oceanic freshness. Though pricing wise is still a tad luxurious for me.

Nevertheless, my personal favourite would definitely be the Salt Baked Yellow Roe Crab ($120 for 2 pieces). Filled with sweet roe, the mud crab is extremely flavourful (some might find salty) and simply delicious.

From 25 June till 25 July, enjoy the following promotions when you dine in:
– 1 for 1 Southern Australian Lobsters (UP $288)
– 1 for 1 Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clams (UP $16.80)
– 20% off Braised New Zealand Black Gold Abalone (UP $25)

Orchard Live Seafood
2 Yishun Walk #03-01, S767944
Telephone: 6756 0311
Operating hours: 11am – 2.30pm, 5pm – 10pm
Nearest MRT: Khatib
Website: www.orchidliveseafood.com.sg

Slake brings SEA Comfort Food with Local Twist

Slake brings SEA Comfort Food with Local Twist
By Alex
Relocating from the sleepy Opera Estate neighbourhood to city-centre at The Riverwalk just opposite Clarke Quay Central, Slake kicks off the new chapter with succulent localized Southeast Asian cuisine Singaporeans should find familiar.
Of course, who doesn’t love fiery spices and explosive tastes in our dishes?

For appetizer, we got the Cold Rendang Custard ($9). It can be easily passed off as tofu ala Japanese style but it’s actually creamy egg custard drenched with cold prawn rendang and topped with tobiko – extra umaminess.

If come with a group of friends with a need for some booze intoxication (before 10.30pm), the hand-torn Creamy Burrata ($29) comes deliciously handy. While you might scream ‘where is the local flavour in this Italian dish?’, the secret is in the extra ingredients – fried laksa leaves, crispy rice paper and tomato coconut chutney. All added together gives a stronger punch than the usual vanilla-style burrata.

There’s alot of grounds to cover for the main courses. For one there is the Crispy Silkie Chicken ($26), which comes jet black and fried. No joke. While its supposed to give the surprise when served, and the drumstick is tender and well-marinated.
You get more bang for your bucks with the Seafood Laksa ($22), which comes choked full of prawns, mussels, clams, and the wok-kissed linguine with house-made laksa sauce hits the right flavour spot.

My personal favourite is the Orange Pork Ribs ($28) – very meaty, tender and explosive citrusy flavours. The pork brisket bones are slow cooked till gelatinous perfection and well charred. For the Charcoal Grilled Vegetables Platter (half – $18), not really a fan of it except that this would be the go-to for the vegetarians.

As for desserts, creativity and sweet deliciousness comingles quite well, especially the Sticky Date Huat Kueh ($12) and berry-loaded Sour Fruit Slump ($12). For the Kopi Gao ($12) – which is a sort of grass jelly poured with a super gao (thick and bitter) black coffee – I am thinking why I would have this after dinner, isn’t dessert supposed to be a sweet ending? But really depends on the individuals so I reserve my reservation.

20 Upper Circular Road, B1, 48, 058416 The Riverwalk, 058416
Operating Hours: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 6pm to 10pm (daily)
Facebook and Instagram: slake.sg

Burgs Opens Fast Casual Burger Concept at 313@Somerset

Burgs Opens Fast Casual Burger Concept at 313@Somerset
By Alex
Burgs (not burp, mind you) has recently debut in 313@Somerset, dishing gourmet burgers at wallet-friendly prices. It’s the founders Indra and Ridzuan first fast casual burger concept right in the heart of the city – the most atas place with expensive food – so the accessible price range is greatly appreciated. Expect new menu with new items available exclusively at this outlet, something the 4 previous outlets doesn’t have!

For us we had the Beef Bacon Cheese Burger ($7.50 single, $10.50 double), followed by Crispy Fish Burger ($7.90 single, $10.90 double). What swept off our feet is not just the battered Alaskan pollack fish or the handcrafted beef patty or the American Cheese – although they’re still tasty – it’s the buns: so soft and pillowy its brioche-like. The buns are freshly baked from original recipe, which to me means its pure divine.

My favourite though, is the Nuggies with Cheese Dip ($5.90). Each nugget is made with real chicken chunks. They are crunchy, flavourful and unstoppable, paired with the cheese dip that packs a sublime spiciness.

For the dessert, our favourite is the Lotus Biscoff Soft Serve ($4.90) and the Lotus Biscoff Shake ($5.90). Its not overly sweet which we are kinda afraid of, its smoother in texture till the bites of Lotus biscuits hits.

Opening Special: Free Chef’s Special Burger Drop
To commemorate the milestone, Burgs unveil an exclusive Chili Cheese Burger that’s off the menu and available for a limited time only.
Everyday for the first week of its opening, one Chili Cheese Burger will be given free to 100 customers who purchase a set meal from Burgs 313@somerset. Promo valid from 21 Aug to 27 Aug at Burgs 313@Somerset. T&Cs apply.


Burgs at 313@Somerset
313 Orchard Road, Singapore 238895, #05-01/02/03, Stall 25
Website: projectburgs.com
Instagram: @burgsbyprojectwarung
Facebook: @projectwarung

Get Inclusive with New Dishes Inspired by Diverse Races @ White Restaurant

Get Inclusive with New Dishes Inspired by Diverse Races @ White Restaurant
By Alex
Here’s a new menu that could leave you some food for thought.
Inspired by the diversity of his neighbours and friends at his own HDB home, founder Uncle Tay King Huak of the White Restaurant inspired the team to create a series of new dishes based on their respective cultures’ signature recipes to celebrate the upcoming National Day. What’s pertinent is this is the first time the restaurant premiering dishes outside of its signature White Beehoon.

In the spirit of Singapore, get ready to feast on the new festive items which includes –

  • Fresh Prawn in Chili Crab – very fresh, juicy big prawn, drenched in succulent chili crab sauce
  • Chicken Tikka Masala – explosively spicy, yet savoury enough to make me keep eating
  • Deep Fried Mackerel with Tumeric – added fried crispy shredded codfish skin gives an additional crunch
  • Cauliflower Cheese Bake –  although to me its somewhat lacking in flavour as compared to the other dishes, its colourful to look and your body will thank you for it

And of course, the king of flavours, the Mala White Beehoon is back by popular demand. First served in 2019 for a limited time only, the fiery spiciness from the Sichuan peppercorn is very spicy but shiok for me. For those who wants savoury carb that gives a mouth-numbing kick, this is definitely a dish for you.


Sets for Sharing
From 15 July – 31 August 2021, get a taste of all the above in specialty sets made for sharing. The National Day 2-3 pax set serves the Fresh Prawn in Chili Crab Sauce, Chicken Tikka Masala and Deep-Fried Mackerel with Tumeric with up to 3 portions of butterfly pea rice for only $52.

For bigger groups, the National Day 4-5 pax set includes Fresh Prawn in Chili Crab Sauce, Chicken Tikka Masala, Cauliflower Cheese Bake and Deep-Fried Mackerel with Tumeric with up to 5 portions of butterfly pea rice for $108.


White Restaurant @ Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City, Fountain Court, #B1-131, S038983
Open Daily: 11am – 9.30pm (last order)
Website: whiterestaurant.com.sg
Online Ordering: order.whiterestaurant.com.sg

ClickAfood (CAF) – New Pastel-themed Café by Hong Junyang

ClickAfood (CAF) – New Pastel-themed Café by Hong Junyang
By Alex
Café hoppers, here’s one pastel-themed café in the north east you might want to check out.
Opened by Singer-songwriter turned serial F&B entrepreneur Hong Junyang, ClickAFood (also known as CAF for short) introduced five tantalising culinary concepts under one roof. The Instagrammable café is decked in aesthetically pleasing pastel shades, and the food and drinks are affordably priced so budget-conscious students can consider this as a next destination point for meet ups with friends!


CAF’s menu is made up of these main cuisines: Korean (Korean Mama), Thai (Thaitanium), Local (168 发), and Western (Fig & Fiddle). This allows everyone to get their preferred choice of cuisine so no fighting for food necessary.

The fifth menu is the aptly named 喝 HE where you can find a concise drinks menu – from bubble tea to coffee. CAF also uses specialty coffee beans from PPP Coffee for the perfect Joe. For us we had the Mango Coconut ($5.50) and Red Bean Lover ($5.50). Thankfully its muted and not too sweet.

We take on the big bowl first. The Seoul Army Stew ($19.90) from Korean Mama, serves 2. While its simple, its really decently priced for its quantity. This abundant pot of bubbling goodness choke full with chicken hotdogs, tofu, kimchi, Korean fishcakes and assorted vegetables and ramyeon.
If you are feeling peckish, can add on more items like chicken slices, beef slices and other things.

For me this Neo Burger ($9.90) from Fig & Fiddle satisfies me thoroughly. A massive golden battered dory fish fillet sandwiched between two buttered buns with a smear of tartar sauce and Colby cheese. I got hooked by this very toothsome burger easily. If you need some greens can consider load on an extra $1.90 or make it a meal with thin-cut shoestring fries for just $2.90.
Assorted toppings are also available


The 168 Nasi lemak ($8.90) from 168 发 comes with 2 pieces of crispy chicken wings, ikan bilis, crunchy peanuts, homemade sambal chili (their Indonesian home recipe_, sunny side up and blue pea coconut rice. Its decently priced and quite simple, and it’s the sole option under the 168发 with limited portions daily.


Since we couldn’t visit Thailand now, the Crab Meat Omelette Fried Rice ($10.90) from Thaitanium sparks temporary joy for me. A special off-the menu item that you have to specially request from staff, the blanket of omelette is studded with crab meat chunks, served with traditional homemade Thai Chili sauce on the side to add the extra oomph.


CAF is also offering islandwide delivery, free delivery with minimum spend of $88 within 8km of the café on iMakan and via Whatsapp at 8764 7544 only. Also available on FoodPanda, GrabFood, Deliveroo and Oddle.

ClickAFood (CAF)

339 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534953
Facebook and Instagram: @cafcafesg

New Tsuta Japanese Dining @ 313 Somerset Store, Available for Delivery & Takeaway

New Tsuta Japanese Dining  @ 313 Somerset Store, Available for Delivery & Takeaway
By Alex
If you are in love of Tsuta Michelin-starred signature truffle oil ramen, then you will definitely enjoy Tsuta’s new extended dining concept. First launched in their recently opened restaurant at 313 Somerset, the menu features extensive range of new items, which includes the makis, sushi taco, temaki sushi cones, tempura, croquettes, rice bowls, hamburgs and more. Alongside all eight signature ramen flavours.
So for those folks who prefers a non-ramen Japanese cuisine there’s no reason not to head over and try their latest creations! Here are some of the featured items we tried and raved.


Starting with the maki rolls, Tsuta has introduced novel flavours like the Salted Egg Roll ($16.80) and the Avocado Ebi Roll ($16.80). While looks deceptively close to the traditional maki rolls we are so used to, the avocado roll is layered with signature housemade sweet chili mayo sauce and tobiko so you will have light hints of burning sensation felt on your tongue. There’s also the classic renditions to choose from, like the Mango Ebi Roll ($16.80) and the Miso California Roll ($13.80).

For those who wants abit of the crunch just for mouthfeels, the Assorted Fry Platter features a few fried breaded items like black tiger prawn, scallop, assorted seafood and vegetables. It’s a decent size sharing portion for 2.

The heart-warming Wagyu Beef Don ($19.80) contains pan-seared Wagyu beef with house made steak sauce, topped with onsen egg and garlic chips. If I am in a rush at 313 Somerset, I will probably order this because it satiates my hunger quickly and the beef almost melt-in-mouth

A steer away from the usual seafood and a particular dish which I fancy, the Wagyu Beef Roll ($21.80) comes with a slab of bitey, meaty prime US Wagyu steak, with a light drizzle of steak sauce. While red meat can be easily jelat, the thinly sliced wagyu paired the seasonings makes it not too heavy and much less chewy.


The new menu also features the likes of Sushi Cones (Uni Temaki is a must try, air flown from Hokkaido at $18!), grills like Seafood Okonomiyaki ($16.80) and Beef Hamburg ($13.80). Tsuta Japanese Dining dishes are now available for delivery and takeaway from their latest store at 313 Somerset or VivoCity.

Tsuta @ 313 Somerset

#01-16, Singapore 238895

Facebook and Instagram: @tsutasingapore #TsutaSingapore #TsutaSG

Secret Menu At Clarke Quay? Katrina Group Offers Over 200 Dishes Under One Roof

Secret Menu At Clarke Quay? Katrina Group Offers Overs 200 Dishes Under One Roof

For me I enjoy meaty, BBQ skewers and Hutong, which is just opposite of Tomo Izakaya where we are dining at, offers skewers (from $1) and Mala Xiao Long Xia with Maotai ($$38.90) in this Japanese restaurant.

Or say a friend who likes Tom Yum Thai Suki Hot Pot ($33) from RENNthai, now you can do so with Tomo Izakaya’s Chirashi-zushi set ($48). Not to dunk the uni or salmon in the soup of course, but the souriness hotpot soup makes the luxe Jap bento even more enticing.

What’s more, you can enjoy 1-for-1 alcoholic beverage during happy hour, get some freshly shucked oysters for only $2, and $99++ bottle of liquor promotions (Chita’s single-grain Japanese whiskey, Haku Vodka, Roku Gin and Courvoisier VSOP) across the five participating restaurants.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 5pm to 11pm (Mon closed)

Facebook and Instagram: @tomoizakayasg

3D River Valley Road, #01-14, S179023

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 5pm to 11pm (Mon closed)

Facebook and Instagram: @tomoizakayasg

Tomo Izakaya

3D River Valley Road, #01-14, S179023

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 5pm to 11pm (Mon closed)

Facebook and Instagram: @tomoizakayasg

ROMAN.TEI x RAMEN KIOU from Osaka Collaborates for SG Exclusive Dishes

ROMAN.TEI x RAMEN KIOU from Osaka Collaborates for SG Exclusive Dishes
By Alex
Popular Meat and Ramen Specialists from Japan Osaka collaborate for the first time ever to launch Singapore-exclusive dishes. From now to 16 August 2021.
We tried 2 of their dishes the RAMEN KIOU Roasted Beef Tomato Cheese Ramen ($21.90), which boasts a combination of thick & creamy tonkotsu soup, tomato, and other secret ingredients Plus ROMAN.TEI’s signature roasted beef.
Its delicious but can be quite jelat for a person to finish, so you can consider sharing with a friend.

Next is the ROMAN.TEI Mega Roasted Pork & Nankotsu Zen ($18.90). The slow-roasted pork presented beautifully in the shape of a flower & served in an exquisite Jyu box alongside the nankotsu and Japanese rice.The Mega sets come with upsized meats while the Zen sets come with appetizers, salad, and dashi broth to make ochazuke. Looks very yummy and tempting right?

Available for delivery at: http://njoydininghall.com.sg/online-ordering/

&JOY Dining Hall (Jurong Point)
1 Jurong West Central 2
Jurong Point
Singapore 648886
11:00am – 9:30pm Daily