Review: LUMOS RAY Home Projector

Ever since we got our own place, we have been wanting to get a home projector so that we can build a mini cinema at home. We went looking around for one but gave up eventually as they are either too bulky or too ugly.

Slowly, the idea disappeared until we found LUMOS. A lot of celebrities and influencers were raving about it online so it was really hard to give LUMOS a miss. We did our research and saw how compact and light their projectors are but we were stuck between choosing RAY or AURO.

James, being the more techy person at home decided to go with RAY after checking up on the specifications. For a normal-sized place like ours, RAY would suit our needs better.

Prices start from $199 for LUMOS RAY. We got the SMART version that comes with WiFi, YouTube & Netflix plus a RIZE stand that cost $359 in total. I don’t know what we can do with it if it doesn’t come with SMART since our objective is to watch movies online. We were glad that we stuck to our decision!

Delivery was FAST. It came a few days after the order. I was taken aback by how light and portable the device is. I expected it to be small and slightly heavy (even an iPhone Pro Max with an impact phone case seems heavier) but I could lift it easily with one hand.

RAY comes in a simple squarish design. As my home theme is all about black, white & grey, the design of RAY fits in nicely.

Some specifications of LUMOS RAY includes:

Native Resolution: 720p (Support 1080p)
Speaker: 4Ω3W x 2 (Dolby Audio Support)
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Screencast: Inbuilt Airplay/AirScreen app for iPhones & Samsung Phones, Miracast for Android phones
Memory & Storage: RAM 1GB + ROM 8GB

Please click here for the full specifications.

It did not take James more than 10 minutes to set it up in our bedroom with the RIZE stand. He even bought a wireless keyboard to type instead of controlling the device with their remote control. Lazy people like him should consider getting the keyboard too. Lol.

We could not place the projector in the middle due to space constraints so we placed it at the side. Luckily the screen can be adjusted accordingly. It feels as though we were in the cinema, if not, even better than a cinema since we were so comfy lying in our bed!

Our verdict? We are so glad that we got this and watching movies at home has never been comfier!

If you are interested in purchasing LUMOS RAY, please click here.

The Rough Patch After Giving Birth


While she was engaging in these shameless acts (eg. calling my James while I was in labour, using her work email to contact my husband asking him to meet up with her to listen to her bad mouth her own husband, pestering James non-stop), she herself was pregnant in her first trimester carrying a baby boy.


I do not believe in airing dirty laundry but the purpose of this post here is to voice out what a married woman with  kid can do to another pregnant woman. Women support women – really?

I am not afraid of voicing out what I have gone through and I hope that this inspires people to voice out how they really feel, perhaps, not to the public, but to someone close to them. Speaking out helps relieve mental stress.



People have been asking me, “Why are you so skinny now?” and “What about that homewrecker? What is the whole story?”. I think it’s time I spoke up.

Disclaimer: My weight loss has nothing to do with this incident. All the credit for getting back in shape this quickly goes to my breastfeeding journey.

I’ll be honest, life hasn’t been easy juggling with a newborn and managing my roller-coaster emotions. Let’s just say that I am lucky that depression hasn’t hit me (yet). I like to think that I am a strong-minded person and depression just isn’t my cup of tea, but then again… who knows, maybe I really am suffering from post-natal depression.

Now… where do I even begin?

I want to remember this rough patch for life so here I am, back on my blog with a personal post. I need an outlet to vent. I yearn for someone to hear me out and I know that a lot of my followers on IG are following the bits and pieces of the homewrecker story closely because I get a huge spike in my IG stories views whenever I hinted something about her. Even till today, I still get DMs from them requesting for more updates, for photos of the homewrecker and more. A bunch of you also keep bugging me on this blogpost.

Look at this innocent newborn… someone wanted to make him fatherless.. My heart ached for quite a while, not for myself for having to go through 10 months of pregnancy, 20 hours of labour or 6 weeks of recovery but for him. An ex-staff of James is out there, asking him to leave this baby for her. What if he grow up without a proper family? I have also come to terms that if he have to, he will, I can, and I will do my best for him.

Here is what exactly happened..

Shortly after I gave birth (while I was still undergoing confinement), I found out that James’ ex-staff (let’s just call her C here) asked James to divorce me so that he can be with her. Keep in mind that at the time of her ridiculous proposition to James, I was in my third trimester. She said this to him knowing that I was 1.5 months away from labour and she obviously wanted my baby to be FATHERLESS.

The gist is, there is absolutely something fundamentally wrong with C.

2 years ago

I warned C when she kept pestering James for her food cravings, incessantly checking on the installation of our house’s water dispenser filter and trying to insert herself into our lives in whatever minute way you can think of. I knew that she was an EXTREMELY needy person because my cousin who interned at the same company as her told me about her needy character.

James told me to ignore her as well, but then there were the times where James was waiting around for me to end work/an event, and she would “accompany” him to wait for me. I thought that a mom would usually rush home to look after her daughter and family after work? She certainly looked free.. Free enough to accompany and pester another married man.

When James needed a Tupperware for our house, she would appear with a brand new Tupperware the next day. The level of seducing or sucking up to her boss was certainly beyond………… Of course, I threw it away. Including the little Star Wars toys that she bought for his car and our house warming..

There was an incident where James had a team bonding outing with his colleagues and he got semi-drunk. While this was happening, I was just nearby attending my own team bonding outing. The sweet thing about James is, he enjoys going home together so it was always I wait for him or he wait for me to end kind of thing. My side ended earlier so I went over to wait for James to drive both of us home. His wallet and keys were right beside me, between us, on the sofa. When the waitress came in with the bill, instead of asking me for James’ card, she reached out for his wallet automatically as if it was the only right thing for her to do – taking her boss’ wallet like it belonged to her or her husband. I regretted not snatching it back even though I was extremely unhappy. Who was she to open my husband’s wallet when his lawfully wedded wife (i.e. me) was sitting right next to the wallet? I lost all respect for her after this incident since she had none for me either.

I was upset but I knew her character well (she is known to be the needy type), so I chose to let the incident slide thinking that maybe this is just in character for her. Maybe she does this to every other guy in the office. I tried so hard to give her the benefit of the doubt, but every time I look the other way, she just escalates her behaviour.

There were also other times where she went out drinking with other people, probably got high and decided that it is appropriate to call James for fun. For??????????????????? Why are you harassing a married guy? Why is this married woman with a kid pestering my husband????? Why is she always asking him out to join her group of girlfriends??????

Whenever she drops James a reminder on something, be it work related or not, she would go “What will you do without me right? :P”. I even have screenshots of these. Hello, my husband did not work to wherever he is, just because you are in his life. You should keep your flirting texts and your pants to your husband.

I think C over estimated her position.

The devil in me came out on one night when she dropped James a text while I was sitting beside him at 1am. Holy 1am.

“I can’t take it when you give me cold shoulders”

She sent this WhatsApp message to him at 1am. Who even sends this kind of message at 1am?

I was angry and hurt. To think that other woman (a married woman to make things worse) was out there losing sleep because of my husband?? What was she even trying to achieve? It was like she was having a monologue with herself because James could not be bothered to reply. WTFFF? I went into a rage. What exactly does she want from her boss?

Mind you, she is “happily” married with a daughter.

I confronted her via WhatsApp and she assured me that this was a misunderstanding. Do you think I would buy that? Of course not. What did I do next? Nothing. All I wanted was to let her know that I know what she was doing behind my back – trying her luck with my husband. I was so tempted to warn her husband about this and till this day, I regret not warning him earlier.

She left James’ company on Oct 2019, and I thought that was the last time I would have to tolerate her antics but she kept updating James on her job. Have to travel to Thailand for training….. her pay… her life…… no more feelings for her husband… For?


Fast forward to my pregnancy

In August 2020, after I found out that I was pregnant, she called James to help her with a referral letter for a job interview (Yes, barely half a year into the previous job, she wanted a change of environment again). I did not think too much of it despite the things she did in the past. To be honest, I’ve never seen myself as a petty wife. Neither am I the kind of wife who would interfere with my husband’s job or try to control who he hangs out with because I am independent as fuck and I trust my husband. But little did I know that that woman was back full strength this time around, to pester James.

The referral letter was a façade she used as an excuse to start texting James frequently again.. She kept asking him personal things like where he was or if they can meet up – she will drive over to meet him, at his office building during his lunch hours (not her lunch hours, but I guess that is one of the perks for doing a sales job) or places where James would be meeting me.

To James, he met up with her to catch up with an old colleague and friend. But I can’t say that she had the same intentions as James right from the start. To her, this was the start of her scheme to make James her backup plan (I will explain this part later). Her behavior bordered on being a full-blown stalker, she would do concerning things like drive over to look for James whenever she gets a text reply from him or attempt to love-bomb him with little gifts while pursuing him. Sadly for her, her unwanted gifts would always end up in the rubbish bin after they part (I did not throw them away this time around. James did).

She would over share uncomfortable personal information with James during their catch-up, even private things like how sexually active she is with her husband, not sleeping around during her flying days or how her dad may be having an affair with another women. This honestly just makes me question her motives, what are you trying to pull? Are you trying to fish for sympathy or justify that it’s okay for James to cheat with you because cheating is so common that even your dad does it?

If she is fishing for sympathy, I don’t how she can be so blind to her own hypocrisy. If your dad having an affair is so painful that you can use it as a “pity me” card, then how can you knowingly try to inflict this pain on me too?

She was doing this behind my back despite knowing that I was pregnant. Even her close friend asked her if she knew that I was pregnant.

The truth is how can she not know? She was busy stalking my IG stories when James was ignoring her – from my maternity shoots to staycations. Probably trying to find out why was her messages to him were not answered. She even quarreled with James for him not replying her.

“Why did you ghost me?”

“Why are you ignoring me?”

If I were to put it crudely, she offered her body to James, not once, but multiple times at hospital carparks. She KNEW I was pregnant, but she still continued. I was absolutely disgusted. She is a mom herself; how can she do this to another pregnant woman? Even crazy enough to the extent of asking James to divorce me for her because she was going crazy with her husband? Can I just say that I ought to be thankful that my husband was not dumb enough to fall for her trap? Divorce me? Lol. If she can win James over, sure! Be my guest. I have no interest to keep someone whom I can lose so easily by my side because I am not as needy as her. Life goes on even if I have to raise my kid alone.

I also found out about the conversations that she had with James and I do not understand how can someone badmouth their own husband to this extent? Not just once, but multiple times! She also kept stressing that she would have divorced her husband if not for the fact that they have a daughter. Probably trying to drop James some hints here. I will not disclose any information shared about her husband out of respect.

I felt extremely disgusted as I read through the conversations. I think her mind and heart were filled with James. Probably TOO OBSESSED with him. Always confessing to him, telling how much she misses him and the most unforgettable sentence that I saw was “wish you were here instead of my husband” when she was on a staycation/trip with her husband and daughter.

Luckily, her husband found out about everything before things could get more serious. I guess her husband suspected something was wrong when he discovered the text messages she was sending via her WhatsApp web tab on her laptop when she was out. She is such a capable Pharma sales rep that she can juggle meeting doctors and doing her sales job while spamming unwanted text messages and chasing after married men – including wanting to meet up again and again during working hours.

I like to think that her husband is a nice guy, he didn’t want to implicate me in this situation, so he did not reach out to me. Maybe it was because he felt that there was no need to expose a pregnant lady to such drama. After all, ignorance is bliss, the less you know the happier you are.

However, there’s always two sides to a coin, could it be that he was trying to protect his wife because he is still in love with her? Maybe he did not want to put her at risk since I could expose her at any time on my Instagram? I don’t know, but I chose to believe in the nicer side of him. He has been very nice so far.

I reached out to him instead during my confinement, after finding out that she was crazy enough to ask James to divorce me when I was so close to labour. He knew about the things she did. I asked him if he knew about how she asked James to leave me when I was close to labour. He did not know. He apologized for it on her behalf and said “that period was crazy, you know maybe she needed a back up plan” but I personally felt that he was a victim since his wife seems ready to divorce him for James.

I was mind blown. How can someone, how can a married woman, be this crazy over a married guy? Why does it have to be my husband? Why does she want to break up my family when I have an unborn child in my tummy? For a woman as vicious as her, even sending her to hell as punishment would be letting her off too easily.

She did not stop harassing James even after her husband confronted her. She was asked to block James everywhere, from her social media to her messaging apps. However, as soon as she is out of her husband’s sights, she would unblock James and call/text him to meet. Do you know what’s worse? She had the cheeks to call James when I was in labour (in the hospital) and  went “your baby is coming out any time hor…?”

She also loves updating James on their current status.

“Oh we went for marriage counselling”..

“Things look like it is improving but it is not”..

“I don’t know”.. “Not sure about the feelings”..

“Wah, the marriage counselling is expensive”

“Can talk? I cannot find anyone to talk”

I was pissed, knowing that James was still willing to provide a listening ear despite her ridiculous and indecent acts.

After labour

She could not reach James on all the messaging apps so she dropped him an email via her work email. Isn’t this the best way of showing “when there is a will, there’s a way”?

At this point, even her own husband couldn’t trust her anymore. He turned on the GPS on her phone to try curbing her cheating, so she attempted to plan her cheating routes carefully. By cheating routes, yes, she still wanted to meet James. The email was disgusting. She roleplayed the entire scenario. The email was supposedly meant for a doctor (but the actual recipient was James) and in the email, she was a sales rep trying to fix a meeting with James to sell him some drugs. The email certainly does not look like an affair or anything but…. is James a doctor that she was covering? How fishy. She used her work email because her husband probably did not expect her to cheat again/ or cheat using her work email.

I called her to confront her but all she had to say for herself was “Oh… we very long never talk already.. I was just overly friendly”.

Biatch. Offering herself to my husband is just her being overly friendly? If “offering” is just being friendly than what counts as crossing the line to her? Car sex in her car like what she wanted? WOW.

Of course, I revealed everything to her husband too. Her husband still forgave her. Good for her I guess. Maybe he is a saint. I, for sure, would not be able to put up with the fact that my wife attempted to cheat on me and chased after another guy this hard. He probably did it out of love – her love for their daughter and I salute that. That is a level of humiliation I would never be able to put up with but I respect him 200% for this.

I don’t deny that I went crazy after this incident and life has never been the same since then. You may think that my family is still perfectly happy but there are just so many things that I can’t put into words. I was hurt, I was hurt so badly even when James was not dumb enough to fall into her trap. I was extremely angry that he replied to C in such a cordial manner even though she asked him to leave me for her. I know that guys do not usually care much about these things but deep down, I wanted him to tell her off as a form of respect for me. She pestered him all the way back when she was still in the same company,  and when I was pregnant, and up till my baby was born!

Imagine how I felt when I found out? Every last single interaction she had with my husband, and all the possible worst-case scenarios played on loop in my mind. I was vulnerable and still recovering from childbirth. I could barely even sit properly.. Could I share all these thoughts and emotions with another person at that point in time? No, I could not. What if I got everything wrong?

What did I do during that period? I pretended to be happy on social media but I was slowly dying on the inside. Every day was a torture. It was living hell. Why do I have to go through all these right after giving birth?

I grew up in a happy family. You fall in love, get married, start a family, and grow old together. However, my view of marriage has not changed even after what she did. She can continue to openly make comments like how CHEATING IS VERY COMMON to people around her. But she won’t change my beliefs.

We are both women, but look at how different our values and morale are 🙂

I am very thankful of my supportive parents during the tough period. I am not saying that things are easier now but at least, I know that they are right behind me. My parents and James were beside me when I confronted her over the phone call. My in-laws were saying that we showed too much happy moments online, making her envy and jealous at the same time since she was extremely unhappy with her own marriage. But it really takes someone’s mental state to be this special to do whatever she had done, especially involving an unborn child.

We live in a different generation from our parents and grandparents, maybe extra-marital affairs and divorces are just more common now. Who am I to judge?

But for now, I hope that I will find peace soon.

To all the women who are facing the same issue, or if your family was wrecked by another lady, know your worth. You deserve nothing but the best. God has his plans and his reasons. Sometimes we are supposed to go through things so that we learn lessons.

“Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.”  –Matthew 7:12

Review: Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier + 3-in-1 HEPA filter

I have been busy clearing my dressing room for the baby. This means that my dressing room will become the baby’s room and ensuring clean air for the baby is important.

I have recently added Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier + 3-in-1 HEPA filter to the room.

First things first, I appreciate how simple the design looks, making it blend nicely into my monotone theme. Despite filtering the air well, Cosmo Air Purifier remains as silent as it can be because it has a noise level of just 20dB. You know how noisy some air purifier can be? I can’t imagine my baby sleeping in a noisy room.

When I turned on the appliance, I was wondering if the purifier works as a fan as well because of the strong wind that is blowing out. After reading the manual, I realized that it is built with an auto-adjusting fan. It also comes with an Anion Mode, which releases negative ions to help reduce stress and boost immune system functions.

If you are wondering how big of an area the air purifier can cover, fret not. It is capable of purifying the air within a space of 80m², which is bigger than your living room.

Other specifications of Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier + 3-in-1 HEPA filter includes:

  • Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter (filters 99.97% of all micron particles)
  • Activated Carbon Filter (neutralises odours, absorbs formaldehyde)
  • Pre-filter (filters large particles)
  • Aerodynamic 360° design for air purification in all directions
  • PM 2.5 Counter
  • Night Light Toggle

It has a night light toggle and a child lock function too.

Before I forget, each Cosmo Prime Air Purifier comes with a 5 Year Warranty instead of just 1! You can proceed to purchase them and use them at ease.

Payment is brought to you by Liquid Gateway. Article is brought to you by Best in Singapore.

Review: Coway Water Purifier

How big is your kitchen? Mine is pretty small so I try to got for compact, slim and sleek kitchen appliances.

Despite my kitchen being small, I wanted a water purifier machine at home so that I can save the hassle of boiling water and enjoy the luxury of having clean water to drink all day long.

I chose Coway CHO-240N in the end because of the sleek design and it’s three in one function. It is also the world’s smallest hot & cold & ambient countertop water purifier.


Main Filter: Nanotrap filter
Extraction: Purified Hot, Cold & Ambient water

Making a cup of instant coffee or noodles has never been easier with this water purifier with its instant heating and eco-friendly compressor cooling system. You can get boiling water within 2 seconds! Rushing for time in the morning? No worries! 2 seconds is all you need to make a cup of coffee.

The machine also comes with a child lock function so if you have kids at home, fret not as the kids will not have access to the hot water when you child-lock it.

Some dlderly may feel that water purifier are difficult to use but this is not the case for the Coway. The machine that I chose is intuitive and easy to use! Just a simple touch and you can get your clean water within seconds!

All in all, this water purifier is suitable for the young, adult and the old.

coway water purifier review coway water water purifier review

Among all the benefits, do you know what I love about Coway water purifier most? I do not have to worry about the filter getting dirty or if it is time for a maintenance as the guys from the Mayer team will automatically receive a report and arrange an appointment with you to change the filter!

Watch the video below to find out more about Coway CHP-240N.

Review: Mayer Rice Cooker (Rose Gold)

Do you cook at home? Well, the answer is yes. Not often but yes.

I am the typical Asian who love my carbs – rice and noodles so I need a rice cooker for sure. As my kitchen is quite small (which new property isn’t?!), I prefer to get those rice cookers that comes with more than 1 function.

Even before I shifted in to my current place, I already had my eyes on this Rose Gold Mayer 1.5 Litre Rice Cooker.


The unique colour of this rice cooker stood out the most in my kitchen but boy, I was glad that it did. I don’t want an aunty rice cooker to stand out in my kitchen. LOL.

mayer singapore

It is as functional as it looks as it comes with 8 cooking functions: Rice, Baby Food, Congee, Slow Cook, Porridge/Soup, Brown Rice, Reheat & Steam.

Yes, you can prepare meals for your baby with this rice cooker too! Great for families with babies and kids!

There is also a “keep warm” function where I can keep my soup warm for the entire day. Whenever James or I cook soup at home, it means that we will be having the same thing for both lunch and dinner. With this function, we can still enjoy fresh and hot soup 7 hours later!

We also steam man tou or other breakfast items for a quite perk me up in the morning. Super fuss-free!

mayer rice cooker (2)

Some may say that since there is only two of us in the house, this rice cooker may seems too big and it may be a fuss to clean. Nope! It is actually very easy to clean! The cover plate is removable for easy cleaning. The rice cooker has served me well and I think I made the right decision to go with Mayer!

Should you be interested in getting this, you will receive all these items in the box:

1 x Mayer 1.5L Digital Rice Cooker
1 x Steamer
1 x Rice Scoop
1 x Soup Scoop
1 x Measuring Cup

Home Parties Made Easy with PartyDiva.Co

Admit it. You miss hanging out with a group of friends outside. You miss the gatherings, the laughter, and the catch-ups. It is almost impossible to gather now unless you cap the number of people to 5 and below.

But parties are still possible when you are at home. Wait, home parties? Does it mean… catering vendors, drink vendors, snacks preparations and….. so on and so forth?

Well, home parties are made easy when you have PartyDiva.Co. PartyDiva.Co is an e-commerce marketplace that brings merchants, consumers and partners together in a seamless event planning experience. It is a one-stop solution to gifting, events and party planning – and not just for home parties! They have a comprehensive list of vendors for all your celebratory needs. From getting a host to photobooths, event props, PartyDiva.Co is truly your partner in celebrations, and they were there every step of the way for me as well! 

party diva co

Just last weekend, James and I hosted a house party with my in-laws and his cousin. It was a belated birthday celebratory dinner for his mom and an early National Day celebration for us.

I was very impressed as I could get all my food catering, cake, cocktails and party decoratives from PartyDiva.Co. I did not even have to source for them separately!

partydiva co

My in-laws were filled with praises for AMICI Catering. It was our first order from this East-meets-West fusion boutique caterer we chanced upon on PartyDiva.Co with 15 elegantly crafted dishes that we could select from.. We ordered the mini gourmet 5-course National Day buffet ($108+) and it was delivered (for free!) right to our door – hot, fresh, and nicely decorated with vegetables and cherry tomatoes.

To top off the feast, the mini buffet came with a complimentary six-inch Raspberry Lychee Rose cake that was both light and rich in flavour, with a fruity floral fragrance lingering after every bite – what a great way to end the meal on a sweet note. 

kueh ho jiak

I love my kuehs and so do the elderlies at home. They commented that the specially handmade Merlion Ang Ku Kuehs and Heart Kueh Lapis ($37.50) from Kueh Ho Jiak were very flavourful. We wiped out this celebratory platter of kuehs in 10 minutes even though there was only 5 of us. Lol.

nasi lemak cake

The highlight for me was the limited-edition Nasi Lemak Cake ($132) from Nasi Lemak Indulgence. I love Nasi Lemak a lot so I was really looking forward to this.

I thought that it was only chicken + ikan billis + peanuts on top but wow, I was mind blown when I cut the cake open.


There were THICK layers of egg and muar otah!!! I swear this was SO DAMN GOOD. You would think that with such a modern twist, the traditional taste of the Nasi Lemak would be compromised but it was not nearly the case. Made with a sincerity and nostalgia for authenticities, the Nasi Lemak Cake was truly a sensory experience. I even saved half of it for my own parents and they couldn’t stop going “wow”, “this is good!”, “very nice!!”

James, on the other hand, was more interested in the drinks.

petale tea

We had Pétale Tea’s limited-edition National Day gift set ($65) and summer exclusive cocktails, the Nana Sling ($90, set of 5x120ml bottles) from Three Wisemen. He finished a bottle of it even before our guests arrive. Lol. Nana Sling is specially concocted for Singapore’s 55th birthday by the way! It comprises of Brugal Rum infused with banana leaves. The tropical mix was also especially refreshing with its combinative blend of zesty Cointreau, freshly squeezed lemon juice and homemade orange blossom water. As for Petale Tea’s exclusive “My Fair Lady” tea ball, you can see the flowers bloom after you add hot water to the flower! Pretty Instagram-worthy!

food catering singapore

If you are observant enough, you will realize that I have a few decorations topped on my food! These thematic cake and food toppers are from PartyDiva.Co! This National Day will feature their very own limited-edition party bundle ($100) comprising of food and cake toppers, a bunting and cupcake holder that features notable Singapore icons such as the Merlion and Gardens by the Bay, as well as local slangs such as “Relax Lah” and “Shiok Ah” to make this celebration a true Singaporean affair. The addition of these decoratives add to the visual experience of the celebration, making the party even more memorable!

partydiva catering

They even offer customised stickers which you can use to decorate your photo frame before you snap and save that precious celebratory moment with your phone! Simply scan the QR code to on your phone, click on the stickers set of your choice and allow the website to access your camera. This is a very good idea for wedding lunch/dinner actually! Plus it is so easy to use, even the elderlies at home had fun with it!

All in all, I’ll strongly recommend PartyDiva.Co to anyone who needs a fuss-free and seamless party planning experience. Whether it is an upcoming party, wedding or gathering, PartyDiva.Co is truly a partner in celebration.

AGNES Treatment to Get Rid of Stubborn Acne and Pimples

Author: Alexius Chua

Being a guy used to be easy. Men were known to keep everything to the basics, just one hard soap is enough to scrub from head to toe, without a care in the world, much less on appearance.

But not now.

I’ve got many skin problems, and one that irks me the most is pesky acne and pimples. It is a skin condition triggered by overactive oil glands. When pores are clogged with too much sebum produced by the oil glands, the pimple pops up.

Have tried a million different things – changing different pimple creams and facial wash, and visited polyclinic for that birth control pill prescription twice, with little or temporary success. What results is dry, sensitive skin and scarring on certain areas. I thought that every option to eradicate this problem has been tried and failed, there is nothing I can do except to watch my diet and hope for the best.

But I was wrong. The solution couldn’t be simpler.

AGNES Treatment for Acne

Thankfully, Dr Ryan Tan at Aesthetics Central Clinic at Clarke Quay Central is here to the rescue. Dr Ryan suggested AGNES Treatment for my first acne treatment. It is a permanent, non-surgical solution to treat my stubborn acne.

Separated to 2 days, on the first day Dr Ryan will use a special device called AGNES to administer radiofrequency energy precisely on specific problem areas. This tiny burst of electrical energy will cause the affected oil gland to shrink and produce less oil.

On the second day, acne extraction by the beautician.

AGNES Treatment for Acne

First, Dr Ryan demarcates the acne areas – an important step as there are 100,000 good, normal functioning pores, and only about 300-500 diseased damaged pores that are always getting inflamed and infected repeatedly. Dr Ryan inspects at every single pores and selectively selects the problem causing ones for treatment.

AGNES Treatment for Acne

Next is the numbing shots, which to me felt like ant bites. Okai to be honest there are jabs on certain areas that woke me up from slumber (Yes I am that tired lol), but his assistant used a vibrator-like thingy to numb area while Dr Ryan administer the injection, making it much less painful.

AGNES Treatment for Acne
The same 1% of the pores on the face are responsible for causing 90% of the acne

Then comes the AGNES treatment, which felt like a breathe of sunshine as compared to the previous numbing shots. Its amazing considering its a special needles but there’s no feeling at all, perhaps partly thanks to the numbing shot taken earlier. Dr Ryan zaps only 1-2% of the thousands of pores, so good thing is I won’t be experiencing any dry skin or flakiness after the treatment as compared to other solutions!

AGNES Treatment for Acne

It is completely pain-free during the AGNES Treatment. Although the machine sound might be somewhat distracting with its constant beeping, it is all in all a pleasant virgin experience for me.

The treatment takes about one and a half hour from arrival to exit, so it is quite fast and, more importantly, painless for me. Although I experience some redness and swelling immediately after the treatment, it doesn’t stop me from going out for dinner. Of course, I must remember to hydrate, moisturize and sunscreen.

AGNES Treatment for pimples

One month after the treatment, the redness has subsided and I am quite pleased with the results. The zapped problematic pimple areas have no recurrence so far and there is no drying or sensitivity. My face also felt much less oilier than before. Understand that, depending on person to person, it may require 1 to 3 treatments or more to prevent new acne from forming from existing healthy pores.

And the best thing of all, it is permanent, so no need to compare between harsh pimple creams or taking medication that is not ideal for kidney again!


Aesthetics Central Clinic Address:
8 Eu Tong Sen Street #11-89 The Central Office One, Singapore 059818
For appointment, please call (+65) 6221 8221 or whatsapp (+65) 9726 8856

Feed Clean Feed Nutro – Roro’s Transformation Journey

My little baby seal doggo is not a fussy eater and I really appreciate this part of him. He finishes whatever we give him even if he does not like the food. You can tell how much he loves the food from the speed he eats.

singapore dogs

I’ll be honest. I do not feed him every Tom, Dick & Harry brand I come across. I am a fussy fur-mom and I try to give him the best I can. Sometimes, my friends around me commented that I am overly protective.

My little boy was born with skin problems so I tend to opt for kibbles that will give him a soft, shiny coat and one with plenty of nutrients for him so that he can remain extremely cheeky and playful. He is also rarely fed chicken kibbles.

I have recently switched his kibbles to NUTRO as it is made from a clean simple recipe that contains natural ingredients and high-quality protein from real meat. I did a lot of research before deciding to change his diet to NUTRO.

If humans should eat clean and healthy food with quality nutrients that are beneficial to our bodies, our furkid should eat the same too.

nutro dog food

NUTRO is a brand that helps keep his skin healthy, improve his digestion, boost his immune system and gives him stronger teeth and bones.

What I love about the brand is its simple recipe that does not contain wheat, soil protein, artificial preservatives, flavours, or colours. I don’t want to feed Roro with kibbles that contain chemicals or are highly processed. In other words, I was pretty confident with the quality of the kibbles.

nutro dog food

The recipe provides Roro with the energy he needs to remain active and playful. Natural fibres can be found in the kibbles to keep his digestive system healthy. From what I have observed, he has no soft or loose stools recently.

The good thing about NUTRO is that all the essential antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are also found in the feed. These nutrients keep his immune system healthy, promote healthy skin, and encourage a soft and shiny coat.

nutro dog food

After eating NUTRO for a few months now, I noticed that Roro is even more active than before. He was already a very active dog but it seems like he is running around more. His tail never stops wagging every time we prepare his NUTRO feed too.

We shave him once every few months and noticed that the new fur is a little softer than before. I believe that if we continue to feed him NUTRO longer, we may see even more results.

When Roro is healthy and happy, I am equally happy too!

nutro dog food

If you love your furkid, try feeding it clean with NUTRO and I hope your furkid loves the kibbles as much as Roro does 🙂

NUTRO is available online in 3 different flavours – Chicken, Lamb and Fish.

Review: Linksys Velop Wifi Router Extends Wifi All the Way to My Bedroom

James and I signed up for a WiFi Broadband four months back when we got our keys
and we were given a free router for the plan we signed up for. We did
not think too much of it and installed the free router at home. Everything was good


I love browsing YouTube and Instagram before I sleep but it is impossible to do so
when I started having issues with the connectivity. Sometimes there is some weak
connection in the room, but on most days, the connection can’t seem to reach my
bedroom at all..

Long story short, we live in a 3 bedroom apartment and the size is exactly the same as a 4 room HDB flat. As you know, new flats are way smaller so I thought it is impossible to not have any WiFi connection in the room.

I have to scroll through Instagram, YouTube and read emails before I turn in every night and it has become a habit. Not having WiFi connection is a huge issue to me and it doesn’t help when I don’t have unlimited data on my mobile plan.

I started searching for a reliable WiFi router and I was quite concerned about the appearance of techy stuff as I do not want it to ruin my home theme. A few brands came to my mind but Linksys Velop was highly recommended to me by my friends as they know the look and feel of my home. I was still contemplating if I should spend the additional money on a new router but when I saw how Linksys Velop Tri-Band looks, I went for it right away. They are so sleek looking that they do not look like routers at all! I would think that they look like some minimalist looking speakers. Haha.

I absolutely do not mind the minimalist design of Linksys Velop Tri-Band since they come in white and the theme of my place is purely black, cream/white and grey with some elements of gold decorations. I mean, how wrong can you go with white when it is quite a neutral color!

As compared to my previous free router with ugly antennas sticking out, I have no complains for the design of Linksys Velop. Love how simple it looks!

Even the setting up was pretty fuss-free. If a tech-idiot like me can fix it up, so can you.

It is easy to tell if you are having WiFi connection or not. If the light on the node shows blue, everything is working well. However if it shows red, it means that there may be something wrong with your internet connection.

What I love about Linksys Velop is that at any point in time when you feel that you need a stronger signal in another room, you can simply add on another node (the white linksys thing you see in the pictures).

I have 2 nodes at home right now. One sits in the living room, connected to the main cable, while the other one sits in my make up room (next to my bedroom). The connection is way stronger and faster than before too. I can watch movies smoothly on the tv without the sites pausing to load every 20-30 minutes and I can even use my laptop in my bedroom now! (Yay to settling blogposts in the comfort of my own bed hehe).

What’s beautiful about the Linksys Velop is that it is a one-time investment, if you are shifting to a bigger place, you can still bring them along and add on another node to the set. You do not have to chuck them aside and get another brand new set of  WiFi router.

You can also control your Linksys Velop Tri-Band through Linksys mobile app when your device is on.

Some function includes controlling your WiFi from anywhere and parental controls where the parents can manage their kids’ access and usage. Guest Access works the best for me. I can turn on the Guest Access via the mobile whenever I have friends in my house – I don’t have to share my password with them 😛


Internet security is ensured when you use Linksys as they have automatic firmware updates. You do not have to do anything, the node will update on its own!

I have been using Linksys Velop Tri-Band for a few weeks now and I have no complaints! What can I complain about when everything is so user-friendly, all the way from the set up to controlling the account via a mobile app.

After all, my request is simple, just give me a beautiful set of WiFi Router that grants
me stronger and faster WiFi connection at the comfort of my own home and on my
bed too! 🙂

Stay Secured With A Pet Insurance in Singapore

Do you know how important Roro is to me?

What if I told you that I only wanted a hotel that allows me to bring Roro in, otherwise, I am going with other hotels?

What if I told you that I only feed Roro nothing but the best of the best from his birth till he reached adulthood even though I was only a student at that point in time?

prestige pets insurance

To even say that he is very important is an understatement. Roro is EXTREMELY important to me. He is family.

When I was in the UK for 5 weeks many years ago, I love how they can bring their furkid into the stores and even into the sub. Flyers about pet insurance were everywhere. Singapore had none of these then.

However, I was recently told that Singapore has Pet Insurance too! My reaction was “What? We can buy Pet Insurance in Singapore?!”

Did someone hear my calling? I did not know such insurances exist here.

Prestige Pets Insurance has insurance for your lovely furkids! Not only do they provide the best recommendation from a wide range of reputable insurers, they also have a personalised end-to-end claim assistance for you. They are
recommending Liberty Pets insurance – currently the only insurer that covers Non- Surgical Vet Treatments, which offer a great overall coverage for your Furkid. From what I have googled, not all pets insurance company covers this aspect.

My previous furbaby died of kidney failure. We spent close to 5 digits on his illness and hospitalization and we had to say goodbye to him still. It was heart-wrenching and mentally draining. If only he was covered under Prestige Pets Insurance….

There are three different insurance plans – Standard, Enhanced and Superior.

Pet Insurance in Singapore

The plans are pretty affordable.

pets insurance in singapore

Touch wood but let’s say if your furkid is down with an illness. Even without undergoing surgery, you could be spending up to $1,000 and above for his treatment already.

When Roro had some issues with his eyes, I spent a few hundred bucks on his consultation, another few hundred bucks on his injections and medications. Each follow up treatment cost me three digits too.

Even if I had the most basic plan, at only $350 a year, I could save HALF the vet fee. Far more than what I could have spent so that I can continue to pamper Roro with more loves.

If your budget permits, I’ll definitely recommend the Enhanced Package. At only $1.25 daily, it offers a higher claim value which will easily cover most accidental injury or Vet treatment when your little ones gotten ear infections, food poisoning, and others Non-Surgical and Surgical treatment.

prestige pets insurance singapore

To make things easier for you, I’ve taken a screenshot and attached above. If there’s anything youd like to know, do contact them on facebook or instagram. They’re really friendly and professional in answering your questions, which is one of the reasons why people buy from them instead of directly from Liberty Pets Insurance!

Roro is turning 8 next year and thank god he is as fit as me. Unlike humans, the older you are, the more expensive your insurance plans get. This does not apply to your pets.

If you are interested to know more about the insurance plans, you can visit them at