Review: LUMOS RAY Home Projector

Ever since we got our own place, we have been wanting to get a home projector so that we can build a mini cinema at home. We went looking around for one but gave up eventually as they are either too bulky or too ugly.

Slowly, the idea disappeared until we found LUMOS. A lot of celebrities and influencers were raving about it online so it was really hard to give LUMOS a miss. We did our research and saw how compact and light their projectors are but we were stuck between choosing RAY or AURO.

James, being the more techy person at home decided to go with RAY after checking up on the specifications. For a normal-sized place like ours, RAY would suit our needs better.

Prices start from $199 for LUMOS RAY. We got the SMART version that comes with WiFi, YouTube & Netflix plus a RIZE stand that cost $359 in total. I don’t know what we can do with it if it doesn’t come with SMART since our objective is to watch movies online. We were glad that we stuck to our decision!

Delivery was FAST. It came a few days after the order. I was taken aback by how light and portable the device is. I expected it to be small and slightly heavy (even an iPhone Pro Max with an impact phone case seems heavier) but I could lift it easily with one hand.

RAY comes in a simple squarish design. As my home theme is all about black, white & grey, the design of RAY fits in nicely.

Some specifications of LUMOS RAY includes:

Native Resolution: 720p (Support 1080p)
Speaker: 4Ω3W x 2 (Dolby Audio Support)
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Screencast: Inbuilt Airplay/AirScreen app for iPhones & Samsung Phones, Miracast for Android phones
Memory & Storage: RAM 1GB + ROM 8GB

Please click here for the full specifications.

It did not take James more than 10 minutes to set it up in our bedroom with the RIZE stand. He even bought a wireless keyboard to type instead of controlling the device with their remote control. Lazy people like him should consider getting the keyboard too. Lol.

We could not place the projector in the middle due to space constraints so we placed it at the side. Luckily the screen can be adjusted accordingly. It feels as though we were in the cinema, if not, even better than a cinema since we were so comfy lying in our bed!

Our verdict? We are so glad that we got this and watching movies at home has never been comfier!

If you are interested in purchasing LUMOS RAY, please click here.

Cleaning the house with Electrolux Purei9 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Being newly weds, and first time house owners, we do not really know what to expect when we have to stay together except hearing what others have to share and avoid making the same mistakes.

We were told that minor issues like snatching of blankets at night or splitting of household chores can lead to little arguments.

So our way of avoiding arguments is to have someone / something to help us with the little things at home.

One of which is….. having a robot vacuum!

We settled on Electrolux Purei9 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner because of its robotic design. While we were shopping for one, we noticed that most of them were round in shape. Electrolux Purei9 really stood out, as it is a rounded triangle. Unlike the round robots, Purei9’s unique triangular Trinity Shape™ and Powerbrush™ have no issues with the corners.

Electrolux Singapore

It comes with a simple charging stand, which is minimalist enough to fit into any house theme, and it only took me two hours to fully charge it before its first use.

electrolux singapore

The instruction manual was straightforward and clear. I had Electrolux Purei9 mobile app downloaded into my phone and connecting the robot cleaner to the phone was fuss-free.

electrolux pure19 review

I named the robot “Awyong” (James’ surname) and he went “You can’t complain that I am not doing any house work when Awyong is constantly sucking up the dirt from the floor!” Haha.

electrolux singapore

You can play around with the settings in the app. For example, you can select the energy saving eco mode and mute the robot if you need the house to be silent. If you are too busy to clean up the floor, just schedule cleanings and it will start doing its work automatically.

And when you need it to return to it’s base (the charging stand), just press on the home button and it will make its way back. Isn’t it smart?!

electrolux singapore

Pure i9 uses a 3D vision camera (as seen below). It prevents the robot from getting stuck or falling down. I do not have stairs at my new place so I haven’t seen it fall but till today, I have yet to see it bang into any furnitures or walls.

electrolux purei9

As it uses AirExtreme Technology and XXL Cleaning path, it can pick up most of the dust of all floor types in one pass. It works well on the carpet in my living room as it is coupled with a large brush at the bottom. I have a very sensitive nose so when things get dusty (even minor dust), my allergic reactions will start acting up but so far.. SO GOOD!


If your carpets are slightly thicker than usual, the robot can climb up to 2.2cm high of obstacles as it runs on a ClimbForceDrive™ system, which is exclusive to Electrolux.

It auto detects the type of floor surface and changes its suction power accordingly so you can let it do its job without worrying too much.

electrolux purei9 review

electrolux pure i9

Even though Electrolux claims that it has a 40-minute battery life when it is not in the Eco mode, it seems that my little Awyong here can run up to 50 minutes before it has to return to its dock.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my new robot pal and so is James. It has been keeping our place dust-free and comfortable to live in!

electrolux purei9

If you are interested in Purei9, you can head over to to find out more!

NEW: Casio’s latest selfie camera – EX-TR80

The new generation of TR80 from Casio will BLOW you away for sure! These selfie-oriented compact digital cameras never fail to meet a girls expectation.

As you can see, it is available in three colours – White, Pink and Black. My personal favourite is black because one can never go wrong with Black & Gold!

This time round, not only are there additional functions, you can find glitters around the lens too!

As an owner of TR60 and TR70, I must say that TR80 impresses me the most. Of course, how can one go wrong with a newer generation right?

The LED Screen display is 3.5-inch now. I also love the new functions that can’t be found in the older models. I don’t even have to shape my jaw in MeiTuXiuXiu anymore!! Just kidding! I don’t! Lol.

If you visit the make-up mode page, you will realise that other than the Smooth Skin effect, you can find other effects like Dark Circles Remover, Slim Face, Face Brightness and Sculpt. Keep your contouring and shading tools at home. You don’t have to touch up before you take a selfie/wefie outside with Casio TR80.

The camera also automatically detects and adjusts skin quality regardless of the amount of makeup worn, producing glowing selfies while retaining beauty naturally.

Once you are done with your settings, you can save it so that the next time you on the camera, you don’t have to adjust the settings again!

A girl can take at least 30 selfies before they find the right one to upload. With that, TR80 allows you to compare your pictures against each other. You don’t have to swipe left to right and back to left again to compare anymore.  Thank god for the split-screen display.

Notice the heart icon in the picture above? You can favourite your photo and retrieve them through the favourites tagging function when you need them.

The double LED light also allows you tot ale a beautifully illuminated complexion selfie in a dark setting – be it in a dark cafe, bar or party. Try taking it with a smart phone and TR80. They are different. TR80 will never give you the grainy effect.

Some similar functions that can also be found in the previous generations are personalising your selfies with Selfie Art, Bluetooth Smart and EXILIM Auto Transfer.

The Auto Transfer function is something I can’t live without because life can never be the same again when you can upload your photos taken via a camera straight. Photos taken via my current smartphone can’t be compared to TR80. No, I am pretty sure about that… At least not for mine.

Here is one selfie taken with TR80 itself! It was already 6pm when I took this photo. My makeup smudged from an entire day of work and errands ran but I still look fresh in the photo! My chin is obviously slimmer too LOL!

These babies are already available islandwide at $1,299. Do check them out before they go out of stocks! I remember TR70 going out of stock one month after the launch :O

For more information:

Casio Selfie Camera TR70 Software Updates

Author: Maybeline Sim

Are people still going gahgah over Casio’s selfie camera? The answer is yes. Not exactly new, Casio TR-70 was launched early this year with three sexy colors – Gold, Pink and White.

I did a review on the day of the launch. If you are interested in getting one for yourself,  read my review here:

If you are a proud owner of TR70, like me, I am pleased to share with you that Casio heard you and they do take care of after sale. There is a software/firmware update from Version 1.00 to Version 2.00.

If you are not sure of your version, go to 1) Menu, 2) Setup, 3) Version. You will be able to see if you are still using Version 1.00

Download the update here:

If you are happy with the current version, you can choose not to update but for me, I updated mine to Version 2.00 and did a comparison with the older version on another TR70.

What you can expect from the update are:

  • Improved Make-up Mode
  • Dark Location Shooting Performance

On the left: Version 1.00 ; On the right: Version 2.00

If you look closely at the two photos, you will be able to see that Version 1.00 gives a “whiter” tone while Version 2 gives off a more “orangey” tone which makes the overall outlook natural.

As for night shots, Version 2.00 looks brighter because of the improved performance. Haha, I am quite amazed by how I can maintain the exact same face for the two pictures.

So in case you haven’t already know, Casio TR70 has LED flashlight for you to selfie in the dark. This is so much better than taking selfie with your phone’s front camera.

Worth the update? You will be the judge. If you need my opinion, the answer is a yes for sure. I have been taking photos with Version 2.00 for all my latest Instagram posts, including all my OOTDs (and a lot at @james_awyong as well) and all the comments are really positive!

Updating the software will probably only take up less than 10 minutes of your time.

All you have to do is to:

  1. Download Version 2.00 here:
  2. Delete the old version and drag Version 2.00 into your memory card
  3. Insert the memory card into your camera
  4. Go to Menu
  5. Select Setup
  6. Select Version
  7. Tap on Update

If you prefer visual tutorial, here’s a video you can refer to for better understanding.

CONTEST: How do you spend your weekends? #ASUS

For me, Saturday is my dating day with James. We will usually watch a movie, do some shopping or even staycations.

Two weeks ago, we had a staycation and for each staycation, I will bring a luggage and a bag over. Reason being that is because I have to bring my laptop with me if I don’t go home at night. I will need to access my blog or clear a lot of emails every night. I prefer to clear everything at one go using the computer than the phone.

I feel super thankful because ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360CA is super slim and light, so I can carry it around with me wherever I go. Time to kiss goodbye to my old and heavy 1.9kg laptop. My new found love is only 1.3kg in weight! Actually my old laptop isn’t that old but honestly, if I have to compare it to my new love, it felt that I had been using a dinosaur age laptop!

For the luggage wise, it is to pack all the clothes sponsorship in! Lots of OOTDs to take when I am at the hotel! Haha.

The first thing I will do when I check in, is to take endless of selfie. Since the check in timing is usually between 12pm – 2pm, it means that the sun is still bright and sunny. Natural lighting gives the best selfie!

After all these are done, James and I will head down to the pool. I am not a sun lover. Most of the time, I will go down to the pool to cool myself. But when the sun is blazing hot (like this time round), I will just bring the laptop to the poolside and work.

Before I show you more, let me take a selfie for the laptop. Haha.

By the way, the start up of the laptop is also SUPER DUPER fast. The laptop will start up within 5-7 seconds once you press the power button.

Once all the work are cleared, I will indulge in my drama again! Yes yes, at the pool side. The good thing about ASUS ZenBook Flip is that I can use it as a tablet to watch my dramas!

On the same evening, James and I both brought our laptop down to the bar and work. He was sipping away red wine while I drink my fruit juice. Thumbs up for the battery life as well. A full charge can last me the entire day/night! Hence, there isn’t a need to bring a huge bag out whenever I need to bring my laptop out anymore! I can totally keep the adaptor at home. Just so you know, the adaptor is as light as my phone!

Talk about work…. sometimes I get so distracted that I ended up watching shows than work. There are also times where I like to multitask so I will open up a lot of different programs to run and YouTube at the same time. For this, I would like to thank ASUS for the huge RAM space again! I hate it when my gadgets lag but I am quite sure my new ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360CA lived up to my expectations!!

Notice how I turned the laptop into a tablet this time round? It can even operate on tablet mode! This makes reading articles or blogs even more convenient. I am pretty certain my old laptop will spoil if I bend it this way. LOL.

Since it can be used as a tablet, the screen is touch-enabled! Editing photos on the laptop just got SO much easier!

As for my Sunday… I will usually spend it at home or occasionally, at a cafe. I will indulge in dramas after lunch on the laptop or even take a lot of product flatlays which will then be transferred to the laptop later to edit.

Tadahhhh! The end result of my flatlay last week! I have so so soooooo many flatlays to take and this is one of them.

Now, let me try some #flatlays with my new laptop in different angles. Do you believe me when I say it can do yoga? Haha.

I do find my weekends repetitive because life is also revolving around my work.

For this case, blog. How about you?

For full specifications of ASUS Zenbook Flip UX360CA, please visit

On-going contest right now where you can win a ZenBook Flip yourself! Find out more here:

CONTEST: ASUS #flipmyday ZenBook Flip

I am an early sleeper. I try to get back onto my bed by 10.30pm every night even if I am not sleepy yet because all I really want at the end of the day is a good rest.

What #flipmyday is being able to end my day on my bed watching dramas/ movies or reading a good novel/comics in bed. Even when I am really really tired after a long day, these are still what I have to do before I turn in. It is not a routine. It is what that keeps me happy and satisfied!

And during my weekends, as you can see from my Instagram, I am either out for exercise or staycations with the boyfriend.

You may think that staycation means enjoying life but I always bring all the sponsored/adverts products along with me for OOTD or product shot. The reason why I bring them along is because the room and environment are way nicer than my house :X Who doesn’t want a nice photo in Instagram right? Hehe.

Seems like my phone and blog plays a huge role in my daily life. However, apart from phone, the second most important necessities in my life would be the laptop. This is because I rely on it heavily for my blogging! Even when I travel out of Singapore, which occurs at least 3-4, times a year.

Truth be told, being a blogger has its perks as well as its challenges. Blogging for adverts & posts on the go while meeting these deadlines serves the ultimate challenge! The extensiveness of my blogging also means that I have to carry its around constantly. I had a couple of heavy laptops that brings back piercing memories of backaches!

Hence, I was extremely excited when ASUS broke the news to me that they have a laptop that can solve my issue with the regards to constant backaches and travels! That brings me to this ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360.

This sleek & exquisite-looking laptop is a ‘convertible’. Why so? It is because it allows you to flip a full 360-degree thus converting it from a laptop to touch screen pad!

If there is a laptop that is a yoga champion, this one got to be it! Just see how far back I can stretch the back of the screen to the bottom of the laptop!

Other than being extremely flexible, the 13.3 inch laptop is supported by FULL HD LED backlit display, topped with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. If you are willing to go for the higher tier ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360, the resolution goes beyond to even support up to 3100 x 1800 pixels resolution! Watching dramas, movies & youtube videos are such an enjoyment with this laptop!

Touch screen laptops are highly convenient for people who are always on the go. Seconds are shed off unknowingly when you move your mouse cursor! I admit I can get rather impatient sometimes! I will choose a touch screen anytime to save that few seconds!

Not to mention that it makes me feel a notch more hi-tech among my peers when everything is moving towards touch screen nowadays!

One of the biggest selling point of this laptop apart from it weighing a mere 1.3kg, is the slimness!! It is only 13.9mm thin!!! That simply screams portability wherever I go & I do not risk growing bulging bicep muscles after carrying this laptop for a year!

And when my phone runs out of battery when I am on the go, I can use this laptop to #flipmyday YAYYY. More scrolling of Instagram, watching videos on the move!!

There are two USB ports, enough for attaching a mouse while charge my ASUS phone at the same time. If you are asking why not more USB ports with so much side space? It is simply because ASUS knows how to make smarter use of the remaining space! There are other ports such as a micro-HDMI, DCIN port and a built-in SD card reader! I would say most of the critical ports are present on this laptop.

Here’s me last weekend. I brought it out to events so that I can blog in-between events. Yes, I admit I live a hectic life so there are so many things, which I have to “settle” on the go.

Now for the heart of the laptop! The core M processer with 4GB of DDR3 system memory is more than sufficient for me to do those ME-time stuff like watching drama or blogging on the go.

Not to mention even gaming! J has taken the liberty to download a couple of games that takes up huge RAM space & I am impressed it did not lag the laptop a bit!

Not only did it #flipmyday, it saved my night too! I can work more during the day and rest earlier at night! Opps, I mean I can jump into bed earlier at night to enjoy my “rest”! Hehe.

If you are wondering what I meant by it #flipmyday, it means that it actually make my day!

Let me flip and show you some cool #LaptopYOGA moves!!

I did say it can even fold it all the way such that it becomes a tablet, didn’t I?


Like I said, I am always blogging on the GO. I have blogged some of the KEY highlights of this Laptop & now I going to have to GO!

This laptop is already available in Singapore in Icicle Gold and priced from $1,298.

For full specifications of ASUS Zenbook Flip UX360CA, please visit

There is also an on-going contest right now where you can win a ZenBook Flip yourself! Find out more here:

New: D-Link Homeplug DAP-1620 Extends Wireless Signal

When my dad switched the broadband server due to some issues with our previous telco company, I faced major connection issue at home because there was no signal at level 2!!! My room was the furthest away from the connection at level 1 so I couldn’t blog in my room.

Gerald referred me to D-Link out of goodwill and D-Link was quick to address my issue. I told them the issue that I was facing and they got their guy to do a house call with 2 of their items: Repeater and Homeplug.

House call was quite hard for me as I am ALWAYS out after work for events so the only time I will be home will be on weekends. But they were kind enough to come over after their working hours on a weekday without me at home. They explained to my dad what was needed and proceed on to the installation for me.

A homeplug was all I need to extension of the signal to my room as I had a LAN point at level 2. If you are interested in the model, it is DAP-1620.

If you think such IT modems are always bulky, black and ugly, nooooo. DAP-1620 is small, white and clean!! Even though it is small, do not doubt it’s capability as I have full wireless signal at level 2 now!!

My dad told me the entire set up process was quick and simple to understand too! You can set it up as a WIFI Range Extender or Access Point. It has a wireless speed of AC 1200 so I have no issues with streaming videos and blogging now! The LED indicator also guides you on which placement gives you the best signal.

I went over to the stores to check out the price because I though such devices will be very expensive but it is so affordable!!

I am really grateful to D-Link for solving this LIFE-THREATENING issue of mine!! Hahaha. I can’t survive any night without Internet in my room. Do check out D-Link as they have a lot of other products other than just these.

If you would like to find out more information of the home plug, please visit

New: Go wireless when you charge iPhone with mophie!

“Wireless charging is being integrated into our lives at coffee shops, restaurants, airports, in furniture, cars and so on,” said Shawn Dougherty, mophie COO and Co-Founder. “By providing a diverse range of wireless charging options, we’ve taken the performance and convenience of mobile power even further.”

The juice packed is wireless and it fits the grip of your palm nicely and provides more than 50% additional battery to your iPhone 6s/6 (1,560mAh) or iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus (2,420mAh). Each case is bundled with a wireless charging base, and are compatible with virtually all wireless charging standards, phones and accessories, including Qi.

The charge force desk mount and charge force vent mount are compatible with all mophie wireless charging cases. Both are designed to hold a 5.5” phone and juice pack upright or in landscape positions, with custom embedded magnets.

The charge force desk mount features a pedestal mount that allows for multiple viewing angles to find the perfect position. The charge force vent mount has a 4-prong mount which easily slips over a car’s air vent.

The mophie juice pack wireless for iPhone 6s/6 and iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus is now available exclusively at iStudio, retailing at $139 and $179 respectively.

Review: LEAGOO’s Shark 1 Phone

Do you know hat LEAGOO’s Shark 1 Phone was sold out in Singapore after the launch? I got a shocked! But fret not because it is not available at nearly 100 stores. For the full list on where to buy, please visit

The design of the box looks premium and luxurious but for me, it is leaning a little towards the heavy side. However, for a phone with 6300 mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery, I think the weight is acceptable. The battery is ale equipped with a 3A fast charge technology, delivering the best battery performance to date. Know why? Because all you need is to charge the phone for 30 minutes and you can use the phone for the entire day even though it is a Full HD 6″inch screen with a resolution of up to 1980 x 1080.

If you really need to know, 1 full charge supports more than 770 hours of standby time or 72 hours of general usage. Like the ASUS ZenFone Max, which I had previously reviewed, you can also use Shark 1 as a powerbank if required.

When I tore away the layer of stickers on the phone, I noticed that the phone itself is already equipped with a screen protector! How convenient is that!

Like any other phone, it comes with a charger and a set of earphones.

Even though the phone itself is a little heavy, the width is rather slim which makes it easy to slide in and out of the pocket.

Other than talking about the battery life and size, you will be happy to know that Shark 1 runs on the latest 64-bit 1.3GHz octal core processor which includes a 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM. Extra memory of up to 64GB can also be supported. Instead of just supporting 4G network, Shark 1 is also equipped with the latest Android Lollipop 5.1 and supports Dual SIM.

I tried to switch between surfing the internet and watching videos over and over again to test if the system will lag a little but so far so good. Well, there isn’t anything much to complain when you have the best of both world. Shark 1 also uses the newest generation of fingerprint sensor which has unlock speed of 0.39 seconds. WOW.

The screen is also made with Corning 3rd Gorilla Glass and combined it with 2.5D process which makes the glass screen smooth and scratch-resistant. Sounds like you will still be safe without a screen protector! I don’t want to try dropping the phone for a review though. So no comment on that.

I also personally feel that the icons are neater and clearer as well. If you like loud ringtones like my parents, good news, the speaker is really loud.

Other than the speed of the operating system, camera plays an important role in my life. The rear camera features a 13MP BSI camera while the front carries a 5 megapixel with F2.0 large aperture.

As you can tell from James’ Instagram, he has been rather crazy about photo editing so he tested the camera PRO. It seems that he is extremely satisfied with the camera because he was able to adjust the settings. You can also find functions like beautification and other selfie options available. Oh, before I forget, the front camera has LED flash as well!

Overall, for a phone that has almost every function, $399 is worth every penny.

For more information on Shark 1, please visit:

ASUS MAX STAYCATION – Win staycations here!

On one fateful weekend, #jamesnmaybel visited the well-known klapsons, the Boutique Hotel. Even though both of them were at the same hotel, they stayed at DIFFERENT rooms!

Have they just went through a major brawl?

Worst! This couple is going to have a BATTLE! One they could not even imagine in their wildest dream. Let me give you a hint, it is all because of this ‘third party’ aka their ASUS ZenFone MAX! As we all know the USP (unique selling point) of MAX is its super duper long battery life! And so the duo brought ONLY their ASUS ZenFone Max with them, leaving all forms of charging cables at home..

With this, the battle was pretty straightforward: Whose ZenFone MAX going to be the last one standing based on the activities they engage in their own rooms?

And here we have the two contenders in the two corners!

On one end, we have James at the lobby. Looking really relax with total disregard for Maybeline!

On the other corner we have….Maybeline, with an even bigger disregard for James! Fully focusing on enjoying her hugeass bed in her suite!

Let me shower some light on the ‘boxing ring’ (venue of the battle) before moving on to the couple!

klapsons Hotel is beautiful boutique hotel with 17 rooms. The beauty of it all is that each room are individually-characterized such that no two rooms are alike! Passionately crafted by William Sawaya right down to detail, the aim is to offer guests a practical yet innovative alternative to mainstream perceptions of hotel stay. Custom-made fittings invite refreshed expectations of contemporary room design, comfort and the indulgence of a different experience with each visit. The word ‘Dull’ will never be breathed in this hotel!

Coming back to our female contender, M in short!

The lady spent the entire day in the room, excluding dinner. As the hotel is conveniently located in Tanjong Pagar and a stone’s throw away from Chinatown and vicinity of Bukit Pasoh, there were a lot of delicious options around.

So let’s have a rundown of what she did:

1)The Running Man Fan girl let hours slipped by as she watched her favourite Running Man episodes in all corners of her suite!

2) When she started feeling guilty from too much leisure, this is what she did next: Blogging and replying emails from existing & new social media clients! That is part of her daily routine – no escape even on the weekends!

3) Done with enough solitude, she invited some of her close girlfriends over to chillax at the beautiful room and camwhored the rest of the night away.

…Even little Superman couldn’t resist the cartoons on YouTube!

Snapping pictures of every single happenings of klapsons with her MAX.

The best thing part about MAX is that after all the abovementioned activities, it can still charge her friend’s phone when they are running low on battery. This is simply done with a little help from the OTG cable. You should see that grin of satisfaction on her face when her friend’s face went into amazement upon knowing this amazing function!

Wohoooo! We haven’t found any phone which could do this, have we?

How about on James’ end?

If you think Maybeline is a workaholic. Wait till you see James!

1) He spared no time lazying in the cool comfort of his bed! It seems like he is always working on the go. Apart from checking his work emails in between meals, his eyes were consistently glued on his investments e.g. stocks & online news etc!

2) When work is finally accomplished, he invited his buddy over for a game. If you look carefully, the “gaming console” he was using is actually his MAX phone! The phone was connected to the television VIA wifi.

One thing for sure, there is no lack of fun in his room when he has his MAX with him!

What’s not to love when they can watch dramas on a bigger screen too? This is simply achieved by just connecting the phone to the TV as what the boys did for their games a while ago!

3) A hobby the couple love doing: Snapping pictures whenever he can. He was super amazed the moment he found that his suite has personal afresco-style Jacuzzi that can accommodate a few more of his guy friends!

4) To make Maybeline super jealous, he consistently whatapp-ed Maybeline to boast to her about his own suite. Pretty successful with images taken with high resolution on his MAX!

With so many activities done, can you guess which phone is the last phone standing?

You can make your guess at ASUS Page and stand a chance to win staycations courtesy of ASUS and klapsons!

First Prize: 2D1N stay at klapsons suite (GRAND)
Second Prize: 2D1N stay at The Executive Suite
Third Prize: 2 winners $50 Fabrika Voucher

Criteria to enter the contest:

1) Like both ASUS Main FB page and ASUS Mobile Singapore FB Page

2) Comment under the post in ASUS Main FB Page either #teammaybeline or #teamjames

3) After commenting, share the post on their own facebook (posts has to be made public, posts shared that are private will not be considered valid)

4) ASUS SG will pick the winner and winner will be announced on both ASUS Main FB Page and ASUS Mobile Singapore FB Page

This campaign will still be held on ASUS Main FB Page, please vote for either of them on there.

They have also created a new page – a new Facebook Page for the ZenFone fans and owners. They will be sharing exclusive promotions and information on ZenFones on this page, so do give them a like!