Hainan Story Opens 24hr Coffee House @ Hotel Boss with Medley of New Food

Hainan Story Opens 24hr Coffee House @ Hotel Boss with Medley of New Food

New food items include Hainanese Yuan Yang Satay with Peanut Sauce & Pineapple Sauce ($15 for 10 sticks). Available in pork and chicken options, they are not stingy on the meat port. Perfectly grilled morsels of meat comes with 2 dipping flavours – traditional peanut sauce and pineapple sauce made with well-loved Southeast Asian ingredients and spices.

Also new to the concept is the Hainanese Claypot Braised Pork Belly Set ($13.80) and White Kway Chap and Pork Meat Ball Trio Egg Pumpkin Porridge ($9.80, served with crispy ‘you tiao’). Wholesome and delicious, I wouldn’t complain at all if its served in the morning or night.

Other notable delights include Hainanese Swiss Roll ($3.80 – $6.80) Hainanese-in-law Banana Leaf Grilled Stingray ($18.80) Ah Kor Hainanese Lamb Stew with Crispy Noodle ($12.80) Mama Wee’s Curry Chicken Drumstick Set ($7.80) Bagel Spam & Egg Burger ($5.80)

The décor pays homage to the colourful, vibrant and lively Hainanese stage opera, with splashes of bright colours punctuated with humble wooden elements and marble tables. The new store also comes with a highly instagrammable stand with pixels of bright colours dressing the space.

Social Media Giveaway Diners can take a photo while dining at The Hainan Story (Hotel Boss) outlet with tag @thehainanstory and hashtag #hainanstoryhotelboss on Instagram, and stand a chance to win an exclusive The Hainan Sotry gift box. Each box contains Limited edition specially designed The Hainan Story Coffee Cup & Saucer set A jar of The Hainan Story Signature Gula Melaka Kaya Coffee bags prepared with The Hainan Story’s own house blend of coffee beans 5 lucky winners will be chosen every week from 19 April to 31 May. Time to get creative!

  The Hainan Story (Hotel Boss)

500 Jalan Sultan, Hotel Boss, #01-09 Singapore 199020

Opens 24 hours daily Facebook and Instagram @thehainanstory Hashtag: #thehainanstory #hainanbao

Review: Double Eyelid Surgery Done in Singapore

Author: Sharon Tung

I’ve been wanting to undergo double eyelid surgery for the longest time but I couldn’t find the time and right doctor to do it for me until I met Dr. Timothy Shim, Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon from The Clifford Surgery.

dr timothy shim

I am a typical Asian who was born with single eyelids. Not complaining, but I do yearn for bigger and brighter eyes.

Here are some photos of me before my double eyelid surgery:

before double eyelid

before double eyelid surgery

After a 30-minute consultation with Dr Shim, I was told that the stitching method will be more suitable for me. If you don’t know, there are 2 methods to achieve double eyelids – Double Suture & Twist (DST) Stitching and Incisional Upper Blepharoplasty (cutting) method.

I actually did some quick research internet on double eyelid surgery before seeing Dr Shim, read that the sutures used in the stitching method can snap. When Dr Shim suggested the stitching method for me, I raised my concern on this. He reassured me that the sutures are very durable and will not break as long as I take care of them.

As DST Double Eyelid Surgery requires no cutting, it is less invasive and hence, has minimal downtime and almost no visible scars after the procedure as compared to incisional upper blepharoplasty, where some skin and above the eyelids are cut and removed to create the double eyelids. The stitching methods achieves the same effect using surgical sutures.

The cutting method can also be done to remove excess skin, fat or other tissue from the upper eyelid. It is also sometimes used to correct some eye conditions such as like ptosis (droopy upper eyelids). I or for aesthetics purposes.

One tip for you guys who are considering getting your eyelids cut or stitched:
It is important to take a look at the past cases of your doctor as I have heard horrific stories before. A friend of mine went to Malaysia to for her DST but she came back to Singapore with the threads popping out of her left eye…. Imagine the hassle to travel back just to cut the stitch away…

After discussing with Dr Shim during the consultation and going through some examples of eyelids that I hope to achieve after the surgery, I have decided to go for the natural parallel eyelids look.

Double eyelid Singapore

After deciding on the height and type of crease, I was brought into the surgery room and local anesthesia was be administered. I could feel the needles going into the eyelids at the start, but my eyelids were fully numbed after that. I could feel some pushing and pulling as Dr Shim works on the eyes but there was no major discomfort.

double eyelid surgery singapore

double eyelid stitch

The entire eyelid surgery took no more than 2 hours – from the consultation, to photo-taking and to the end of the procedure. Dr Shim told me that there will be a downtime of (swelling and bruising) 3-5 days. But I was lucky to be spared as there was not much bruising for me. Thank god!!

My double eyelid surgery healing process: Taken on Day 2 post-op, Day 4 post-op, Day 6 post-op and Day 7 post-op. As we can see here, most of the bruising and swelling is gone by day 4!

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-05 at 9.58.58 AM

Take a look at my close-up before and after photos. I am wearing the same pair of contact lens but my eyes look much bigger after the surgery! You can see more of my eyes – the whiter portion. There was no scar too! It is so naturally done!

dst double eyelid

One more with half of my face.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-06 at 10.43.47 AM

And finally, a full face selfie before and after double eyelid surgery!

double eyelid surgery

I was told that I look younger with bigger eyes after the surgery. I can finally layer my eyeshadow instead of applying a single colour only. It might be just me, but I think my husband started paying more attention to me recently. LOL.

If you are thinking about getting double eyelid surgery, I strongly recommend paying Dr Shim a visit. He is very patient when explaining the details and I feel really reassured in his hand.

The Clifford Surgery
24 Raffles Place, #01-05
Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621

You may call them at 6532 2400 or WhatsApp them at 8318 6332 for more information.

My Hiko Nose Thread Lift Review – Before / After Photos Included!

I have never done a nose thread lift procedure in my life because I was pretty traumatized after seeing my friend’s nose thread lift gone wrong. She kept crying and flooding me with pictures of her nose after the procedure. The nose threads were “almost” poking out of her nose bridge but the first thing that I saw was her extremely slanted nose. Ouch.

She went to celebrity doctor, Dr. Gerard Ee, to get her nose fixed right after that.
Please read her experience in the link above and do your research before you visit any doctor for any procedure and avoid going through the same emotional and physical pain.

I thought I will never do nose thread lift in my entire life until………




I was tempted to try non-surgical nose lift after seeing Dr. Timothy Shim‘s HIKO nose thread lift procedure results. The nose thread lift that he did had ZERO downtime and it was exactly what I wanted! If you don’t know, Dr Shim is the senior consultant Plastic Surgeon of celebrity clinic in Singapore – The Clifford Clinic.


First things first, what is HIKO Nose Thread Lift?

HI means High while KO (코) is the Korean word for “Nose”. When you put them together, you get a higher nose! The threads used are the revolutionary Polydioxanone (PDO) HIKO nose threads

PDO is inserted into the target areas, under the skin – for this case, nose. The threads physically increase the height of your nose while stimulating collagen production at the same time. This achieves a tightening effect from inside and out because the skin tissues will produce new fibroblast cells, which in turn produce more collagen. Because of these, HIKO results are both immediate and long-lasting!






Now… something more exciting!

Before/After Photos of Nose Thread Lift

No filter, no edits!

Nose thread lift review

As you can see this lady has a quite a high nose bridge to begin with.

Take a look at the before photos, on the left! And the after photos, on the right are taken 1-2 days after the nose lift procedure. You can see that the nose looks significantly higher, slimmer and definitely more defined!

Nose Thread Lift Singapore

Here is another frontal view for comparison!
Nose Threadlift Singapore

I was very convinced by this non-surgical procedure so I went to Dr. Timothy Shim as well. I like my nose to be honest, I love the curve and the height but it doesn’t hurt to have a more definition on my nose. Instead of saying I like my nose, I LOVE MY NOSE NOW!!!

No threads were added to the nose tip as I love my original nose tip. What I didn’t expect was that Dr. Timothy Shim can actually make my nose tip a little more defined with the long threads too! The results look as though I had just undergone rhinoplasty. Lol.

nose threadlift before after

The entire procedure took less than 30 minutes as I skipped the application of numbing cream since local anesthesia will be injected before the procedure. Dr. Shim used a total of 8 long threads to define my nose. He made small talk with me throughout the procedure to ease my anxiety.

As for the pain score? I will rate it a 2 out of 10.

2 for the local anesthesia injection because I couldn’t feel anything after that.



Why did I choose to do nose thread lift instead of nose fillers? 

Nose Fillers Nose Thread Lift
– Dangerous

There is a small risk of blindness and skin necrosis. If not done properly, the fillers  may clog the retinal artery and blood vessel which may lead to blindness.

– Safer

There is no risk of blindness for nose thread lift. Unlike nose fillers, nose threads do not migrate or expand the width of the nose.

 – Results last for 6-8 months  – Results can last for more than a year.

If you are keen, you can ring up The Clifford Clinic at 6532 2400 to find out more!

The Clifford Clinic
24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621
(Exit A from Raffles MRT)

Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm
Sat: 10 am to 5pm
Sun: Closed
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

My Review on Mooi Beauty Teeth Whitening Kit

A nice smile begins from a set of straight and white teeth. That is why people are willing to spend on braces and teeth whitening procedures. Some LED light teeth whitening at beauty palour can be quite expensive. The price ranges from $200 – $400 for a single session.

I am like the majority. I used to spend a lot on take home teeth whitening kit from dentist. A single set which can last for a month usually cost me $400ish. I have never regretted spending on those kits because they work.

However, to save my bank from bleeding, I have tried searching for cheaper options. I think I may have already tried 4-5 different brands. All of them showed results but the most affordable and comfortable option for me was the Mooi Beauty Teeth Whitening kit, which I got from mooi, an online beauty shop (eCommerce) in Singapore.

mooi beauty teeth whitening

Unlike the other teeth whitening kits that I have tried, mooi teeth whitening kit do not give me teeth sensitivity. I can still drink cold drinks and eat ice cream without feeling any tingling sensation. I hate those take home kits that cause teeth sensitivity because I love my bubble tea and ice blended coffee.

Each Mooi Beauty set comes with a whitening device and 3 teeth whitening pens. You have to option to buy the pens (without the device) once you are done with them. They are priced very affordably. Each pen cost $22 and the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

mooi teeth whitening review

The whitening pen does not contain peroxide so you can use it with ease. The main ingredients are glycerin, water, sodium bicarbonate, propylene glycol, xanthan gum, sodium citrate, menthol, xylitol and more.

Mooi Beauty Teeth Whitening Kit is very easy to use.

16 minutes is all you need each night for a set of beautiful white teeth. I use it before I sleep, while I stalk people in Instagram and Tiktok.

How to use Mooi Teeth Whitening Kit

Step 1: Brush your teeth

Step 2: Apply the whitening gel onto the mouth tray or directly on to your teeth.

teeth whitening home kit

Step 3: Place the whitening device into your mouth

Step 4: Plug the USB into your mobile device. The device comes with different USB cable to suit your Android or Apple phone.

teeth whitening kit

Step 5: Press the button on the device to activate the light. It will auto go off in 16 minutes!

mooi beauty teeth whitening

It is recommended to use the whitening kit for 7 days straight to see good results but you can see results in a single session! I saw results after a single session because my teeth were too yellow. Lol.

This is my results after a single session. The pictures were taken with the same lighting, in the same room. I drink at least 3-4 times of coffee and tea every day so my results are slightly slower. But better than never!

mooi beauty teeth whitening results

Here are some results from their customers and they have even better results than me!

mooi teeth whitening before after

mooi teeth whitening review

If you are worried about the safety of the whitening kit, you will be happy to know that Mooi Beauty Teeth Whitening Kit is SGS certified, Halal certified, GMP certified, and HSA notified in Singapore.

If you are interested to give Mooi Beauty a try, you can purchase it from mooi beauty‘s official website. Each cost $76 only!

AGNES Treatment to Get Rid of Stubborn Acne and Pimples

Author: Alexius Chua

Being a guy used to be easy. Men were known to keep everything to the basics, just one hard soap is enough to scrub from head to toe, without a care in the world, much less on appearance.

But not now.

I’ve got many skin problems, and one that irks me the most is pesky acne and pimples. It is a skin condition triggered by overactive oil glands. When pores are clogged with too much sebum produced by the oil glands, the pimple pops up.

Have tried a million different things – changing different pimple creams and facial wash, and visited polyclinic for that birth control pill prescription twice, with little or temporary success. What results is dry, sensitive skin and scarring on certain areas. I thought that every option to eradicate this problem has been tried and failed, there is nothing I can do except to watch my diet and hope for the best.

But I was wrong. The solution couldn’t be simpler.

AGNES Treatment for Acne

Thankfully, Dr Ryan Tan at Aesthetics Central Clinic at Clarke Quay Central is here to the rescue. Dr Ryan suggested AGNES Treatment for my first acne treatment. It is a permanent, non-surgical solution to treat my stubborn acne.

Separated to 2 days, on the first day Dr Ryan will use a special device called AGNES to administer radiofrequency energy precisely on specific problem areas. This tiny burst of electrical energy will cause the affected oil gland to shrink and produce less oil.

On the second day, acne extraction by the beautician.

AGNES Treatment for Acne

First, Dr Ryan demarcates the acne areas – an important step as there are 100,000 good, normal functioning pores, and only about 300-500 diseased damaged pores that are always getting inflamed and infected repeatedly. Dr Ryan inspects at every single pores and selectively selects the problem causing ones for treatment.

AGNES Treatment for Acne

Next is the numbing shots, which to me felt like ant bites. Okai to be honest there are jabs on certain areas that woke me up from slumber (Yes I am that tired lol), but his assistant used a vibrator-like thingy to numb area while Dr Ryan administer the injection, making it much less painful.

AGNES Treatment for Acne
The same 1% of the pores on the face are responsible for causing 90% of the acne

Then comes the AGNES treatment, which felt like a breathe of sunshine as compared to the previous numbing shots. Its amazing considering its a special needles but there’s no feeling at all, perhaps partly thanks to the numbing shot taken earlier. Dr Ryan zaps only 1-2% of the thousands of pores, so good thing is I won’t be experiencing any dry skin or flakiness after the treatment as compared to other solutions!

AGNES Treatment for Acne

It is completely pain-free during the AGNES Treatment. Although the machine sound might be somewhat distracting with its constant beeping, it is all in all a pleasant virgin experience for me.

The treatment takes about one and a half hour from arrival to exit, so it is quite fast and, more importantly, painless for me. Although I experience some redness and swelling immediately after the treatment, it doesn’t stop me from going out for dinner. Of course, I must remember to hydrate, moisturize and sunscreen.

AGNES Treatment for pimples

One month after the treatment, the redness has subsided and I am quite pleased with the results. The zapped problematic pimple areas have no recurrence so far and there is no drying or sensitivity. My face also felt much less oilier than before. Understand that, depending on person to person, it may require 1 to 3 treatments or more to prevent new acne from forming from existing healthy pores.

And the best thing of all, it is permanent, so no need to compare between harsh pimple creams or taking medication that is not ideal for kidney again!


Aesthetics Central Clinic Address:
8 Eu Tong Sen Street #11-89 The Central Office One, Singapore 059818
For appointment, please call (+65) 6221 8221 or whatsapp (+65) 9726 8856
Email: aestheticscentralclinic@gmail.com
Website: https://www.cosmeticsurgery.sg/

New Year New Skin Clarity – Removing Acne Scars the Painless Way with Secret RF

Author: Alexius Chua

Pimples come and go, but acne scars are like permanent marks on the face. You don’t need a close inspection to notice the acne scars on my cheeks and forehead, the contours look just like the uneven sand playground my nephews love to play at. Blame it on my reckless teenage years when I didn’t follow through the proper skincare routine and squeeze the pimples incessantly without thinking of the consequence 🙁

This affects my confidence and made me quite a reserved person. Okai perhaps its because of personality but my skin condition plays a part of it too.

Aesthetics Central Clinic

1 month after treatment, the scars has pretty much lightens already

Thankfully, a friend recommended me to visit Aesthetics Central Clinic at Clarke Quay Central, and scheduled an appointment with Dr Ryan Tan, who has a decade of experience in the aesthetics treatments. Dr Ryan suggested Secret RF for my first acne scar treatment – a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that uses fractional radio frequency (RF) and micro-needles for the treatment of depressed acne scars like boxscars, ice-pick scars and rolling scars. It also has added benefit of skin tightening and lifting, and addressing signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Aesthetics Central Clinic

The Treatment
Before commencing the treatment, my face is washed and subsequently numbing cream is applied by the assistant. Then I waited outside for around 30minutes for the numbness to take effect. Dr Ryan then proceeded to inject 2 shots of local anesthesia onto my cheek to reduce the pain.

Aesthetics Central Clinic

As I have a low pain threshold, the Secret RF treatment is surprisingly not as pain as I thought to be, almost pain-free. All I hear is the zapping from the Secret RF device and light flashing while the device work its magic around my face.
acne scar removal

acne scar removal

Aesthetics Central Clinic

As you can see, while there is no bleeding or bruising, my face is red and abit swollen immediately after the treatment. To speed up the recovery process I will need to apply anti-biotic cream for 5 days, and remember to hydrate, moisturize and sunscreen!
Nevertheless, I went out after the session to meet friends as its weekends.

Aesthetics Central Clinic

A week after the treatment, the redness has subsided after 2 days and I am quite happy with the results as the acne scars have reduced, especially on my right side of the cheek. The skin is also much smoother and whiter too! I was told that I will require a combination of treatments such as Infini Acne Scar Treatment or CO2 laser to achieve better results.

Just see the above before treatment and after treatment comparison, the skin condition is so much better. Confidence restored! Nevertheless, as the scars has been haunting me for a decade plus already, more sessions are needed to completely zap away these acne scars.

If you suffer the same skin problem as me, I would highly recommend you to consult the friendly Dr. Ryan Tan on how to improve the face condition and restore your confidence back.

Aesthetics Central Clinic Address:

8 Eu Tong Sen Street #11-89 The Central Office One, Singapore 059818

For appointment, please call (+65) 6221 8221 or whatsapp (+65) 9726 8856
Email: aestheticscentralclinic@gmail.com
Website: https://www.cosmeticsurgery.sg/

Shopping for necessities at Guardian Singapore

Where do you usually shop for your beauty necessities?

For me, I try to shop for them at places near home because I tend to stock up a few bottles of each product at one go. Thankfully, Guardian can be found almost anywhere!

Here are some products that I got from Guardian which I am currently using on top of the usuals that you have already seen on my Instagram!

1) Facial Masks

If you watch my Instagram stories, you will notice that I mask very frequently. Almost once every 2 days. I literally buy masks everywhere and Guardian carries a lot of brands with one of my top favourite being Dr. Morita!

I have to admit that I stock the mask up even more when they have 30% off during Guardian Beauty Days 😛

Guardian Singapore

2) Aprilskin Perfect Magic Cover Fit Cushion

Aprilskin is exclusively available in Guardian Singapore stores only. I have previously tried 3-4 of their cushions and my favourite is none other than their Aprilskin Perfect Magic Cover Fit Cushion because of the dewy finish. They are currently available in a limited edition pastel pink packaging (usual packaging: Black)!

For just $49.90, you can get Aprilskin Perfect Magic Cover Fit Cushion,  Perfect Water Fit Make-Up Refresh Pad and Perfect Magic Kill Fit Tint. Quickly get your hands on them before they go out of stock!

Aprilskin Singapore

The cushion is also suitable for people with dry skin as it has a moisture serum base. Skincare in a make up product. What’s not to love?

Instead of the usual mesh, the foundation is sealed with a metal plate which makes it extra hygienic as the product will not come in contact with air directly.

Aprilskin Perfect Magic Cover Fit Cushion

Base and lip colour as seen below…. are all from Aprilskin!

Aprilskin Cushion Review

3) Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream

This brand is also exclusively available in Guardian only.

Antipodes is a New Zealand skincare brand that contains no nasties – safe for people with sensitive skin. The brand is also certified as organic and vegetarian. In fact, this is my very first bottle of Antipodes and I am pleasantly surprised by the results.

My skin feels very nourished and hydrated ever since I starting using the Day Cream. They have other products as well so do visit Guardian if you are keen to give them a try.

Antipodes Vanilla Pod

4) Pantene Micellar Water Pure & Cleanse Shampoo

We have heard of Micellar Water but shampoo? It’s a first for me! Guardian sent me 2 bottles of them and I am now a fan.

Just like the micellar water make up remover, the shampoo cleans the hair really well. It felt as though my hair was stripped off from greasy oil, hair sprays and dirts from the environment. Coupled with the treatment, it leaves my dry hair moisturised and slightly less frizzy.

Pantene Micellar Shampoo

5) Schwarzkopf got2b Volumaniac Bodifying Mousse

After every hair wash, I always end the day/night with hair oil or hair treatment. On most nights, I use their in-house brand Botaneco Garden Organic Chair Seed Oil & Honey on my hair. And because I love having extra volume on my hair, I will sometimes couple it with Schwarzkopf got2b Volumaniac bodifying mousse for that extra boost!

schwarzkopf singapore

Schwarzkopf hair products smell so good on my hair that I can leave the house without perfume. They have the Seborin series which can help with hair loss problems too.

Of course, there are too many products for me to list because I shop at Guardian a lot but I hope that you will find my little reviews useful!

Guardian Singapore always have new launches that I look forward to. Visit their Facebook and Instagram at @guardiansg to keep yourself updated or you can also shop at Guardian Online at guardian.com.sg!

Filling up the loss of volume at Halley Medical Aesthetics

I was all along very concerned about the loss of volume at the cheeks and under eye areas because I always look tired and old despite having enough sleep.

Even though I mask everyday, it doesn’t really help, as the masks can never recover the volume loss. Take a look at the picture below to see what I meant.


When I finally decided to do something about it, I went to Dr. Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics as I used to visit him regularly.

I was very surprised when he recommended me to do fillers for an area that I had not thought about, which is the area towards the back of my jaw and between my cheekbone and jawline. I thought I already have a square face to begin with and adding more volume to that area will make me look fat. I also told Dr. Terence Tan that I don’t want to look as though something was done to my face.

Dr. Terence Tan explained that I have a concave or crescent moon face shape, which would require a filler augmentation technique different from people with a convex face shape. He also highlighted that I have a prominent, high sloping jawline. That feature, combined with some superficial fat near my jawline, made the hollowness between my cheekbone and jawline even more obvious. And this issue, together with the loss of volume at my cheeks, was making me look tired. The nasolabial fold (line coming down from the side of my nose) and the marionette or smile lines (from the side of my mouth) are also making matters worse.

In answer to my concern, Dr. Terence Tan assured me that he won’t be adding a lot of filler to the side of my face but “just a tiny bit to smoothen out the hollow”. He also explained that the filler in that area will help to lower the angle of jaw, making it less harsh and angled but feminine and gentle sloping.

After his professional advice, I went ahead with his recommendations. He recommended doing dermal fillers on four different areas – my cheeks, marionette lines, nasolabial line, and the hollow cheek area between my cheekbone and jawline.

6. Consultation_Marionette Lines Left

He prescribed a combination of soft and firm fillers from Algeness. It is my first time hearing about the US brand and trying out Algeness fillers but Dr. Terence Tan told me that the fillers are natural and organic as it is made from purified agarose gel. The plus point is that agarose gel is biodegradable and biocompatible with our human body and their website says that the fillers are 100% natural and safe.

Dr. Terence Tan also told me that he chose the Algeness brand as it will address my other concern about fillers: that it will spread and make me look unnatural. He explained that Algeness is a cohesive filler, which reduces the chance of filler migration/spreading.

As I have pretty low pain tolerance, he also recommended injecting the fillers with his “Magic Needle” technique to reduce discomfort and bruising.

13. Consultation_Algeness Fillers and magic needles

This is me before fillers. Excited and scared at the same time. Just take a close look at the hollow areas under my eyes 🙁

24. Maybeline excited for treatment

Prior to the treatment, Dr. Terence Tan mixed lidocaine, an anaesthesia, with the Algeness fillers so I did not really feel anything during the treatment.

31. Treatment_Left Jawline

28. Treatment_Left Marionette Lines

Fillers were injected via a Magic Needle. Although he calls it a needle, the Magic Needle is actually a cannula which helps to distribute the filler more evenly as it is blunt and extremely pliable. You can read more about his method for the micro-cannula here: http://blog.halleymedicalaesthetics.com/the-art-of-injecting-dermal-fillers/

I think I scared myself too much because there was almost no discomfort and Dr. Terence Tan was very assuring throughout which made me feel really comfortable.
I left the clinic within 50 minutes (including consultation, numbing and treatment). I can safely say that this can be a quick lunchtime procedure! There weren’t marks or bruises on my face so I could resume work after that.

I really love the results because I don’t look tired anymore! The results are so natural and I think I just went back in time.

Take a look at the before & after photos below for comparison.

halley medical aesthetics

From the front, the depression on my mid cheeks are instantly lifted and the face does not look that bony anymore.

fillers singapore

And for the side profiles, I look like I have a better jawline and my chin no longer protrudes out anymore. Even the smile lines are visibly reduced!

fillers in singapore

If you are keen to consult Dr. Terence Tan on facial enhancements, you can find out more below:

Halley Medical Aesthetics
Address: 277 Orchard Road, #03-15 Orchard Gateway, 238858
Telephone: (+65) 6737-8233
Email: info@halley.com.sg

Here are some quick links for you to check out the details for yourself:

Halley Medical Aesthetics Price List | Website | Blog | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

SkinnyMint Fat Burning Coffee & Hot Chocolate Review

I drink Coffee or Milk Tea every morning before I start work and this has become a habit. If I don’t drink them before work, it feels like something is missing and I won’t be able to concentrate.

Recently, SkinnyMint sent me their 28 Day Fat Burning Coffee & Fat Burning Hot Chocolate to try. Even though I was very intrigued by the new launches, my first thoughts were……. “How will they taste? Will they really work?”

I would be skeptical about the results but since I have previously tried both SkinnyMint Morning and Night Teatox and both worked for me, why not give the new products a try too?

Instead of drinking coffee with high sugar content, I am drinking both the Fat Burning Coffee and Hot Chocolate on a daily basis. Just imagine…. burn your fats away while enjoying a cup of hot coffee. Sounds too good to be true?

skinnymint coffee

What I am most happy about, other than the fat-burning portion is reducing my sugar intake! Although I do not really drink frizzy drinks, the coffee and tea I consumed on a daily basis is quite frightening.

Take a look at the supplement facts below – 0 Fat, 0 Sugar!

skinnymint fat burning coffee

Both powders smell nice. The coffee has a coconut-y smell & taste as it is coconut flavored while the hot chocolate taste nothing less than a good cup of unsweetened chocolate. Good for people who wants that chocolatey taste in their mouth – without the calories!

You can even put them into your bag and bring them out if you do not have the time to drink them in the morning as they come in sachets form. All you need is a cup of hot water and pooooof!

skinny mint hot chocolate

The drinks can help suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism as they contain natural metabolism booster. Studies have also shown that 96% of the people who tried them had a significant decrease in appetite. As for me, I do find myself emptying my bowel more often – at a very regular timing too.

Also, whenever you feel like snacking at work, just make yourself a cup of hot chocolate. It is only 25 Cal per serving! Say no to chocolates and opt for the hot chocolate instead.

skinny mint coffee

Join me and add these drinks to your breakfast today if you wanna lose some weight or control your appetite!

Do drink them for 28 days to see better results!

skinnymint coffee

You can get them from skinnymint.com!

Start your morning right with Saborino Morning Facial Sheet Mask

We are all very familiar with masking at night. How about masking in the morning?

I was first introduced to masking before I put on my make up by the make up artists who did my make up for me during shoots. They told me that masking right before the make up would help my make up stay longer, and face brighter. But I never knew about the existence of Morning Facial Sheet Mask until I found Saborino.
are all very familiar with masking at night. How about masking in the morning?

saborino mask

I was first curious about the mask because of the vibrant packaging – don’t they look fun? I also came across them during my trip to Japan last year.

My initial thoughts about masking in the morning was “Will I have enough time?” or “Do I have to wake up earlier just to mask?” These concerns were addressed right after I googled more.

Saborino Morning Mask is a 3-in-1 face mask from Japan that cleanse, moisturize and prime in 60 seconds. Yes, you heard me right, it works as a morning cleanser too!

It isn’t too hard to wake up 60 seconds earlier just to get rid of your swollen face/eyes yea? You can even put the mask on while you get ready or concentrate on other tasks.

Saborino Morning Mask

It is like the breakfast for your skin. It comes in a wet-wipes packaging which makes it very convenient for you to bring around, for your staycations or travel. I love the fact that it comes in a plastic lid design instead of the foil sticky pads design, which doesn’t really stick well after a month.

Saborino Mask

I have been trying out the morning mask recently and I do notice a small shrinkage in my pore size. Not only that, my make up sits nicely on my face and it stays for the entire day without caking. I guess it keeps my face hydrated too.

Other benefits include the tightening and enhancing the elasticity of the skin but my favourite benefit has got to be the reduction of the puffiness of the eye and face in the morning! My eyes tend to get quite puffy when I don’t have enough sleep so this has been a great help so far.

I also love the cooling sensation and minty grapefruit scent which sets my morning fresh and happy.

The mask is suitable for daily use and a packet contains 32 sheets, which can last you slightly more than a month.

saborino morining mask

If you are keen to give Saborino Morning Facial Sheet Mask a try, it is available at Guardian, Don Don Donki, Tokyu Hands, Welcia-BHG, Meidi-ya and Sasa for $21.90.

P/S: This is one mask that I will turn to again and again because it makes things very convenient for a lazy person like me!