Happy Birthday Skincare Review

How about looking a year younger every birthday?

This could be a dream come true with Happy Birthday Skincare Time Machine and Time Essence.

Each box comes with one Time Machine and 2 bottles of Time Essence.

Time Essence uses cutting edge science and a property blend which work together with your skin to bring you good skin days. What I really love about their essence is how quickly it gets absorbed into the skin. There is no sticky or oily residue and I always wake up to glowing and supple skin the next morning.

The essence is said to promote skin elasticity, brightness, evenness, and youthfulness while diminishing all seven variants of forms and lines.

​Ingredients that makes up Happy Birthday Time Essence:

  • Uttwiler Spätlauber Apple Stem Cells – slows down the onset and depth of wrinkles and prevent UV damage.
  • Superoxide Dismutase – most powerful antioxidant enzymes in the body. Stimulates self-repair, protects against oxidative stress, and combats hyperpigmentation from sun damage, age spots, and acne marks for a more even complexion, it brightens the skin overall.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – attracts moisture in skin cells and reduces dryness and flaking by increasing hydration.
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 – tightens the skin and almost immediately reduces deep wrinkles.
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 – stimulates collagen production to create more youthful cells and promotes healthy tissue growth, resulting in firmer, younger-looking smoother skin with reduced wrinkles and fine lines.

For even better results, I recommend you to use the essence with Happy Birthday’s Time Machine (LED light therapy device). Time machine uses gentle LED pulsed light therapy to promote healthy looking skin. Do not belittle this device as it has three different lights for different function.

  • Red LED diminishes signs of ageing and boosts self-repair.
  • Green LED evens out skin tones, brightens dull complexions and softens dark spots.
  • Blue LED stabilizes overactive oil production and prevents breakouts.

It is a small and handy device that you can bring along for your staycations or travel trips. You can shop till you drop overseas and still wake up to good skin!

After using Time Essence and Time Machine for months, I noticed that my skin has gotten visibly brighter and firmer! This is not based on my own observation alone because even my husband asked me what did I do to my face because he noticed the glow himself.

I am so surprised that my skin is still glowing despite the lack of sleep from breastfeeding!

I am a user of Happy Birthday Skincare and I love the results! I don’t enjoy having glowing skin – said no one ever.

For more information or if you are looking at purchasing Happy Birthday Skincare, please click here.

Official Website: www.happybirthdayskincare.com
Shopee: http://shopee.sg/happybirthday_skincare

New Tsuta Japanese Dining @ 313 Somerset Store, Available for Delivery & Takeaway

New Tsuta Japanese Dining  @ 313 Somerset Store, Available for Delivery & Takeaway
By Alex
If you are in love of Tsuta Michelin-starred signature truffle oil ramen, then you will definitely enjoy Tsuta’s new extended dining concept. First launched in their recently opened restaurant at 313 Somerset, the menu features extensive range of new items, which includes the makis, sushi taco, temaki sushi cones, tempura, croquettes, rice bowls, hamburgs and more. Alongside all eight signature ramen flavours.
So for those folks who prefers a non-ramen Japanese cuisine there’s no reason not to head over and try their latest creations! Here are some of the featured items we tried and raved.


Starting with the maki rolls, Tsuta has introduced novel flavours like the Salted Egg Roll ($16.80) and the Avocado Ebi Roll ($16.80). While looks deceptively close to the traditional maki rolls we are so used to, the avocado roll is layered with signature housemade sweet chili mayo sauce and tobiko so you will have light hints of burning sensation felt on your tongue. There’s also the classic renditions to choose from, like the Mango Ebi Roll ($16.80) and the Miso California Roll ($13.80).

For those who wants abit of the crunch just for mouthfeels, the Assorted Fry Platter features a few fried breaded items like black tiger prawn, scallop, assorted seafood and vegetables. It’s a decent size sharing portion for 2.

The heart-warming Wagyu Beef Don ($19.80) contains pan-seared Wagyu beef with house made steak sauce, topped with onsen egg and garlic chips. If I am in a rush at 313 Somerset, I will probably order this because it satiates my hunger quickly and the beef almost melt-in-mouth

A steer away from the usual seafood and a particular dish which I fancy, the Wagyu Beef Roll ($21.80) comes with a slab of bitey, meaty prime US Wagyu steak, with a light drizzle of steak sauce. While red meat can be easily jelat, the thinly sliced wagyu paired the seasonings makes it not too heavy and much less chewy.


The new menu also features the likes of Sushi Cones (Uni Temaki is a must try, air flown from Hokkaido at $18!), grills like Seafood Okonomiyaki ($16.80) and Beef Hamburg ($13.80). Tsuta Japanese Dining dishes are now available for delivery and takeaway from their latest store at 313 Somerset or VivoCity.

Tsuta @ 313 Somerset

#01-16, Singapore 238895

Facebook and Instagram: @tsutasingapore #TsutaSingapore #TsutaSG

Review: Asian Skin Solutions Hydrocare Water Boost Treatment @ $38

I  love doing facials because my skin feels extremely smooth and clean after that. I put on sunscreen and makeup daily so oil, dirt and makeup tends to get stuck in my pores even if I double cleanse my face every morning and night.

I visited Asian Skin Solutions at Paya Lebar Square this week for a Hydrocare Water Boost Treatment because my skin is very dry. They started the treatment with an in-depth skin analysis and true enough, the results showed that my skin is extremely dry.

asian skin solutions facial

The entire facial took about 90 minutes with the following steps:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Application of softener
  • Steaming
  • Extraction
  • Hydro Micro Abrasion
  • Facial and shoulder massage
  • Mask
  • Skincare application

singapore facial place

I enjoyed the extraction and Hydro Micro Abrasion steps the most as they are the two most important cleansing steps for me. These 2 steps work together to remove all the skin impurities.

To be honest, I was quite shocked at how dirty my face was even though I do facial at least once a month. The therapist told me that I have to do facial at least once every 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks :O

I could see my skin glow after the facial and the surface felt smoother instantly.

asian skin solutions

I am giving away a pampering session by Asian Skin Solution, Hydrocare Water Boost Treatment for just $38 (actual price at $250)!

Kindly PM to Asian Skin Solution Official Facebook Page for redemption with ASS-MAYBELINE, limited to the first 20 followers. And if you will like to have a bottle of complimentary exclusive R.Genes serum (actual price at $150) during treatment, give Asian Skin Solution official Facebook Page a thumbs up and share! Hurry before it’s all gone!

**Terms and Conditions Apply. Results of treatment do vary for each individual.”

For more information, please click here.

Review: Borsch Med100% Lingzhi

I take quite a few supplements such as Vitamin C, multivitamins, Evening Primrose Oil and some others on a daily basis. One of the latest addition to my supplement intake is Borsch Med 100% Lingzhi. Actually, I have been taking this for more than 6 months already so I wouldn’t count it as latest! Haha.

Borsch Med Lingzhi

Lingzhi has been traditionally consumed for thousands of years in Asia for the health benefits that it brings. If you don’t know, Lingzhi is also known as “reishi in Japan.

lingzhi supplements

Let us go into some of the benefits of Lingzhi:

  • Boost Immunity
  • Cancer Management
  • Prevents Respiratory Distress
  • Reduce Allergies & Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improve Heart, Lungs, Liver & Kidney functions

If you are someone who falls sick frequently, you can consider consuming lingzhi to strengthen your body’s immune system. Lingzhi strengthens and reinforces our white blood cells so that they can react faster when the body detects that bacteria and viruses have entered it. The bacteria can then be eliminated before it causes further harm to our body. Several types of research have proven the efficacy of Lingzhi in boosting our immunity. Regular consumption will also improve digestion, relieves fatigue and calms the mind. In the past, people also consume them for longevity.

Fun fact: Lingzhi spores are more potent than the whole Lingzhi Mushroom and Borsch Med 100% Lingzhi is made of 100% Lingzhi (Ganoderma Lucidum) cracked spores powder with no starch added.

borsch med lingzhi singapore

People around me knows that I used to fall sick EASILY. Even using the word easily is underrated as I fall sick at least once every 3 weeks. I also suffer from mild anemia. Other than that, I do not have major health concerns, so I was recommended to consume 2 capsules daily with a glass of water.

For people who consume it to aid in recuperation or surgery, during a cold, for better concentration or for fast-paced lifestyle, you may consume 2-4 capsules per day. However, do note that no matter what supplements you are taking, it is safer to consult a physician if you are pregnant of breastfeeding.

Some differences that I have observed after consuming Borsch Med 100% Lingzhi includes:

  • I do not fall sick so easily anymore. I fell sick once within the last 6 months due to weather change.
  • I feel more energetic every morning
  • I can concentrate better

borsch med singapore

If you are keen to consume Borsch Med Lingzhi, you may purchase it at leading pharmacies and online at https://www.borschmed.com/product/Immunity/100-Lingzhi-Cracked-Spores-Powder-Capsule-Twin-Pack/Page0.

Fresh Halal Ala Carte Buffet @ Window on the Park

Author: Alexius Chua

Here’s an a la carte buffet with the prettiest presentation we’ve seen. Window on the Park @ Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre has recently introduced the Halal Weekend Dinner Ala-carte Buffet, perfect for date nights or double dates.
And of course, safe distancing and measures must be practised during dining (not more than 5 guests per table).
I like the fact that the dishes served are made to order, so the food is always fresh and in its optimal condition. You can also keep ordering till your stomach desires without needing to queue for the buffet spread.


Starting with the appetizer, with an assortment of sushi, 3 types of antipasti of the day and mixed greens to freshen and open up your palate. The Local Fare Appetizer Set holds a myriad of dim sum and kueh pie tee, and fruit rojak to munch through.


Then there’s the Seafood On Ice, which is a platter of succulent fresh seafood comprises Poached Tiger Prawn, Canadian Black Mussel and Lala Clam to warm the cockles of your heart. They are accompanied with Thai Mango Chili Sauce Cocktail Sauce and Hot Sauce Tabasco to further ampt up the flavour.


By this point we were already like half full but wait there’s more. The local fare highlights continue with the Assorted Satay (chicken, beef and mutton) which is delicious, the Tandoor Chicken Tikka and the signature Claypot Nyonya Laksa with Prawn.


Just look at that ginormous prawn which takes up like half the portion of the claypot. Noodles are al dente and smooth laksa broth not too spicy, it’s an ultra worthy dish at this value.


Next comes the all-time favourites – the Seafood in A Wok. It’s a one time table service with precious seafood gems such as flower crab, slipper lobster, prawn, mussel and clams with your choice of signature sauce (Black Pepper or Mushroom Cream Cheese). Full of wok-hei umami, for the seafood lovers it’s the perfect seafood bonanza.


If you love more seafood like we do, then at the Hawker Highlights section where you can order Singapore Chili Mud Crab with Golden Mantou, Wok Fried Prawn Char Kway Teow and Wrapped baked Fish with Banana Leaf. It’s unlimited servings of over 40 dishes all so you can your heart’s fill.


There’s still room for desserts right? Their tiered dessert which comprises of assorted nonya kueh, kueh lapis, red velvet cake, tiramisu cake, bread and butter pudding and more, with a selection of coffee or tea. One commendable item in the tier is the durian cake, so light yet so punchy and flavourful. If you don’t mention its dinner I would have thought it’s a high tea set.
There’s also a fruit platter and Chef’s Choice of Local Hot Dessert for those who want to digest their satisfied stomach.

1 for 1 Halal Weekend Dinner Ala-Carte Buffet @ Window on the Park
Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
Website and Booking: https://singaporeorchard.holidayinn.com/offer/alacarte-buffet
Instagram: @holidayinnsporeorchardcityctr
Every Friday to Sunday
1-for-1 Offer: S$96++ (for 2 persons, inclusive of table served Seafood in a Wok available in two flavours of mushroom cream & cheese or black pepper)

Indulge bountiful feasts at The Carvery @ Park Hotel Alexandra

Author: Alexius Chua

If you want to pig out, you can consider doing so at The Carvery, Park Hotel Alexandra. This popular buffet restaurant celebrates the lunar new year with an abundant array of mouth-watering meats, seafood, sweets and treats that are worth every calorie. There’s also a chance to win a weekend stay at the hotel!


I like my yusheng to have bursts of citrusy sweetness – bonus if its healthy – instead of being blanketed in sugar. The Carvery Golden Eight Treasure Yusheng with Cured Trout and Abalone ($68+) suits my palate perfectly. The combination of shredded vegetables, candied walnuts, fruits and generous topping of cured trout and abalone, all brought together with a slightly tart white balsamic and peach dressing.


Following the tradition of abundant feasting, The Carvery has lined up auspicious marquee highlights of the signature roasts. From chicken, pork, lamb and beef – all these premium meat cuts are served at the carving station right smack in front of the entrance so you won’t missed it.
Using only top quality Australian prime rib further dry-aged with Himalayan salt to concentrate the flavour before slow roasting, the Angus Beef Prime Ribs (weekends only) is the piece de resistance at The Carvery. You just cannot go without trying it!


The signature ones for this CNY includes the Pork Porchetta with Mushroom and Chestnut Stuffing, which is the Chinese Roast Pork made from Prime Grade pork belly with satisfying crunchy crackling skin, and the Spit-Roasted Char Siew Chicken. The bird possesses that sweet, savoury richness which probably came from Chef Ian Hioe’s own seasoning mix of hoisin, superior cooking wine and other condiments.


Of course, you get to enjoy the all-time delectable like the salad and dessert spread, western and Chinese stations, with some given a festive twist. So if you came with a family everyone will surely will have their favourites!


Here’s a bonus for those who dined during the first 3 days of the lunar new year (24 to 27 Jan 2020), will receive a complimentary ‘Golden Prosperity’ Welcome cocktail, and a Lunar New Year Lucky Bag containing a pair of mandarin oranges and a pack of Park Hotel Group angpows. Also, they will be entered into the hotel’s Lunar New Year Grand Draw to win a 2D1N Weekend stay at Park Hotel Alexandra*.
For those born in the lucky year of the Rat (those born in 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 and 2008), The Carvery will also be giving away complimentary dining vouchers as well.

The Carvery at Park Hotel Alexandra
323 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159972
Telephone : +65 6828 8888
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParkHotelAlexandra/
Check out the CNY Festive Dining schedule and pricing here – https://www.parkhotelgroup.com/en/alexandra/promotions/cny-2020

YUN NANS (云海肴) opens its second outlet @ Westgate in style

Author: Alexius Chua

The largest Yunan F&B chain in the world just opened its 2nd outlet at Westgate, months after its flagship store at Jewel Changi Airport. Serving the local gourmands with its repertoire of highland cuisine (gao yuan liao li), the offering is a mixed bag of deliciousness with subdued stylishness, which I fancy very much.

Yun Nan

What’s different from its flagship store is this exclusive dish – Crispy Hor Fun with Truffle Prawn Broth ($15.90++). Only available at Westgate, the hor fun boasts a delightful interplay of texture of crunchiness and springiness with every bite. Topped with Yunan truffle shavings, when poured with the prawn broth is enough to perfume the whole table. The frying is done well too. The plump prawn is moist with a bite. A simple but satisfying dish.


Another dish that is new to the menu is the New Mystery Steam Pot ($33.90++). A fresh take on the classic YUN NAN’s top-selling dish Steam Pot Chicken with a secret ingredient added in to give it a personality. The soup is brewed using a unique technique that does not require a single drop of water. Instead the chicken is pressure-steamed for three hours. The soup is clear, delicate yet nourishing and robust in taste, which distinguishes it from the other versions I find in Singapore. Its an order that won’t disappoint your guests or family members.


While I am spoilt with many choices at its flagship store @ Jewel, and tried to gulp down as much and fast as my chopstick’s skill can, this Steamed Red Grouper with Green Peppercorns ($48.80++) is new to me. Unforgettable, in a good way. The tantalising meat is so tender and moist, steamed alongside fresh green peppercorns for that fragrant and subdued numbing effect. Available only in limited quantities per day so do order beforehand.


I know I am jumping around here, but the appetizer is good too. One star of the dish is the Shredded Chicken in Chili Lime Dressing ($9.90++). Nutritious black chicken is blanched and shredded by hand, mixed with their own in-house sour and spicy chili lime dressing. Very refreshing and wallet-friendly.


Plus, to celebrate its grand opening, Monga will be giving away free limited-edition Monga merchandise to the first 40 customers daily, only from 28 September to 4 October.


YUN NAN @ Westgate
3 Gateway Drive #03-07
Singapore 608532
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri (11.30am – 10pm), Sat, Sun and Public Holidays (11am – 10pm)

SG’s Best Fried Rice @ Din Tai Fung

Author: Alexius Chua

To celebrate for winning the coveted title of Singapore’s Best Fried Rice (Restaurant Category) – organised in conjunction with the debut of Channel 5’s Fried Rice Paradise – The Drama Series – the famed Taiwanese restaurant Din Tai Fung launches a limited-edition XO Fried Rice with Shrimps & Eggs ($15.80). I must say, this fried rice has indeed ‘rice’ to the occasion. Bursting with wok hei, the succulent prawns are served atop aromatic, moist pearl rice mixed with fried flat fish. A special blend of XO sauce and dried scallops gives it a XOXO umami-ness.

Available from 1 – 31 October 2019 or while servings last, this dish is exclusively available at Paragon, BreadTalk IHQ, JEM, Jewel Changi Airport, Junction 8, Marina Bay Link Mall, Marina Bay Sands, Nex, Parkway Parade, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Republic Plaza, Resorts World Sentosa, Suntec City, Tampines Mall, Waterway Point and Wisma Atria only.

Din Tai Fung

Speaking of fried rice, I cannot miss this Fried Rice with Pork Chop. Instead of medley of prawns, it’s a big slice of pork chop cut into chewable pieces. The fried rice looks inviting from below and can hold its place without being overpowered by the pork chop in the flavour zone. An iconic dish that’s unmistakeably everyone’s favourite for its heartiness.

Din Tai Fung

Deviating from the fried rice category, there’s the Chicken Wings in Shrimp Paste (Har Cheong Gai). Texturally, the wings are delightful to munch. The umami of the shrimp paste works perfectly with the chicken, as expected of the standard of Din Tai Fung.

Din Tai Fung

The Deep-fried Handmade Tofu, though doesn’t really appeals much to the eye visually, is actually very appealing to the mouth. It distinguishes itself from other countless versions in Singapore with its inner tender silkiness and non-oily yet crunchy skin. You can order this and will not be disappointed.

Din Tai Fung

Lastly, who can mention Din Tai Fung without mentioning its signature classic Xiao Long Bao? Pretty to look at and really impressive in its soupiness with smooth thin skin layer, this XLB is just cloying for a second helping.

Win a Din Tai Fung Lunch Party Worth $500 delivered to your office
In celebration of the new restaurant opening at Republic Plaza, stand a chance to be among three lucky offices to win a lunch party from Din Tai Fung worth up to $500 each, delivered to your office during lunchtime.

Click onto this link to participate – https://www.facebook.com/dintaifungsg
*Giveaway period from 1 to 14 October 2019, 2359 hours. Terms and conditions apply.

Din Tai Fung
290 Orchard Road, #B1-03, S238859
Tel: 6836 8336
Website: www.dintaifung.com.sg
Facebook/ Instagram: @dintaifungSG

Elevated Hawker Delights at PARKROYAL on Pickering’s Lime Restaurant

Author: Alexius Chua

What’s better to pay homage of your country than to have a gastronomic treat of local food?
This August, PARKROYAL on Pickering elevates the nation’s hawker culture with ‘Loco Local’ – a hawker themed buffet experience. For a limited time period from 5 August to 1 September 2019, you can expect a taste of home further enhanced with an abundance of crustaceans (crabs, lobsters, oysters) and quality ingredients. So let the four hour ‘Loco Local’ feasting began!


To me, Singapore food isn’t about rules and logic, it’s about passion, adventure and experimentation, the coming together of different cultures, culminating in the fabulous melting pot that it is today.
This is especially apparent in the station’s arrangement here. The Hainanese Kumpong Chicken store sits rights next to the Nasi Lemak station, which in turn is beside the Singapore Laksa and Lobster Jalan Roti station. You wouldn’t expect what sudden food craving might hit you as you walk down the line.


While the selection is rather wide, I gravitate to those that I fancy. The Fried Carrot Cake, Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce, Bak Kut Teh Soup with Pork Rib are some of the usual suspects I would gulp on. They are rather well done. We worked our way ravenously through the array with nods of approval and hardly any sound.


Go high with an upscale interpretation of the nation’s favourite dishes including the Alaskan King Crab Meat Char Kway Teow, Lobster Roti Jalan, Hokkien Noodles served with Baby Lobster and Steamed Oysters paired with sauce of choice (Thai Chili, Mala or Sambal Belachan).
I had 2 bowls of that upscale hokkien mee and would have more rounds if not to spare some space for the ultra-luxe desserts spread later.


Ending my meal with a sugar high, I had the multi-colored heap of Ice Kacang topped with durian puree. It tastes divine, smoothing my way to the sweet ninth degree. There’s also a selection of local sweets at the dessert station featuring Pong Piah, Tau Sar Piah, “Orh Nee” (Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts), and Mini Assorted Nonya Kuehs.


Overall, I find it such a rewarding experience to sample the country’s rich and diverse food with a number of seafood add-ons. And the best part? You can enjoy the privacy, dining in a well air-conditioned environment without encountering ‘tissue packet’ situation on the table.

Loco Local’ at Lime Restaurant, PARKROYAL on Pickering
Promotion Date: 5 August to 1 September 2019, 6:30pm and 10:30pm.
Enjoy 15% savings on the buffet bill with four or more paying adults

SGD68 per adult (Sunday to Thursday) | SGD78 per adult (Friday and Saturday)
Includes free flow of Teh Tarik, chilled coconut water and a selection of local beverages
SGD34 per child (Sunday to Thursday) | SGD39 per child (Friday and Saturday)

PARKROYAL on Pickering
3 Upper Pickering Street, Singapore 058289
For dining reservations and enquiries:
Tel: +65 6809 8899
Email: dining.prsps@parkroyalhotels.com
Website: parkroyalhotels.com/lime

Foie Gras in Sichuan Restaurant? New Menu Dishes Launch @ Chengdu Restaurant

Author: Alexius Chua

If you love your Chinese dish to be more than just tongue-searing spicy, then Chengdu Restaurant could be your favourite EAT destination. This Chinese restaurant pays homage to the capital of Sichuan province by doling out authentic Sichuan cuisine of the fire-breathing variety since its opening – mala hotpot, mapo tofu and kungpao chicken. A wise choice, as its Asia’s first city to be designated a ‘City of Gastronomy’ by UNESCO in 2010.

Chengdu Restaurant

The new menu showcases a myriad of taste profiles the complex Sichuan cuisine has to offer. Kicking in is the savoury appetizer of Roasted Foie Gras ($42.80). When presented, a cloud of white smoke billows, spelling an ultra-luxe ensemble of pan-seared foie gras with king oyster mushrooms, spring onions and red pepper flakes. It is dramatic, different (ain’t foie gras a French cuisine?), and nevertheless surprisingly quite refreshing considering the rich, fatty meat.


It is common belief that chicken feet is full of collagen, if it’s true this Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers ($13.80) is a snack for beauty. Cooling and refreshing, the sourly sweet and slightly spicy cold chicken feet tastes different from the braised ones you would expect from the dim sum places. Preparation wise it is also much more tedious and testing on the culinary skills of the chefs.

Chengdu Restaurant

I enjoy biting into the jello-like beef tendon in the Braised Tendon with French Bean ($26.80). Slow-braising for 40 minutes gives the meat a fork-tender texture. Along with quail eggs and green chili mixed with a flavourful piquant sauce, this pot may look innocent, but is deceptively quite spicy.

Chengdu Restaurant

My own personal favourite, the Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs ($22.80) is finger-licking delicious. The premium pork ribs are simmered for 45 minutes with ginger, peppercorn and 5 other special spices, before being fried and tossed with other spices to give that mouth-watering flavour reminiscent of Sichuan streetside shaokao (barbeque).

Chengdu Restaurant

For the soup base we have the Sichuan Style Spicy Pot and Fish Fillet Sour Soup. The Sichuan Spicy Pot ($28.80) screams in-your-face hot, with a medley of black tripe, luncheon meat, quail eggs, starch noodles, prawns, squid and others that can usually be found in mala hotpot joints. Be sure to order the Sour Plum Drink before tackling this bowl of burning lava.

Chengdu Restaurant

A milder, less aggressive and slurp-able version is the Fish Fillet in Sour Soup ($22.80). A spicy and sour soup of boneless sole fish fillet in a majestic yellow broth, I find the soup appealing to me in such a way that it tinkles the senses while making it irresistibly wholesome. It would be my favourite amongst the dishes if only I am not such a big carnivore.

Chengdu Restaurant
74 Amoy Street Singapore 069893
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat, 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10.30pm. Closed on Sunday
Tel: 85339928
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chengdusg
Instagram: @chengdusg
Hashtag: #chengdusg