Chen’s Mapo Tofu Opens Second outlet at Star Vista

Chen’s Mapo Tofu Opens Second outlet at Star Vista
By Alex
If you are a CBD dweller, the name Chen’s Mapo Tofu shouldn’t be too foreign for you. Established as a fuss-free dining option with an outstanding quality of its unique fusion of Szechwan cuisine with Japanese influences, this Michelin Bib Gourmand eatery 2nd outlet at Star Vista brings a strikingly contemporary cosy ambience with stylish elements of wood and marble meeting Chen’s trademark red and yellow.


The new launch is marked by a return of the brand’s well-loved menu with signature Mapo Tofu and popular favourites such as Dan Dan Mien, Miso, Nasu Don and Kaisen Katayaki. The Kaisen Katayaki is basically elevated ee-mian bathed in savoury seafood sauce and holds fresh seafood. It’s a crunchy flavour bomb definitely worth the carbs.

If you are old enough to recall, Chef Chen Kenichi starred in e Japanese Iron Chef series. With mains starting from $10.80, wats not to love?
Some of my favourites includes the Mapo Don (not as spicy as it looks), Kurozu Buta Don and Spicy Szechuan Dumplings. It goes down with rice very well.

And yes the Szechuan Popcorn chicken. Nothing goes as satisfying well-seasoned and crunchy and these popcorn chicken.

For the latest information on promotions, please visit Mapo Tofu official social media platform at @chensmapotofu.

Chen’s Mapo Tofu
1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-08, S138617
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm, daily
Facebook and Instagram: @chensmapotofu #ChensStarVista