Slake brings SEA Comfort Food with Local Twist

Slake brings SEA Comfort Food with Local Twist
By Alex
Relocating from the sleepy Opera Estate neighbourhood to city-centre at The Riverwalk just opposite Clarke Quay Central, Slake kicks off the new chapter with succulent localized Southeast Asian cuisine Singaporeans should find familiar.
Of course, who doesn’t love fiery spices and explosive tastes in our dishes?

For appetizer, we got the Cold Rendang Custard ($9). It can be easily passed off as tofu ala Japanese style but it’s actually creamy egg custard drenched with cold prawn rendang and topped with tobiko – extra umaminess.

If come with a group of friends with a need for some booze intoxication (before 10.30pm), the hand-torn Creamy Burrata ($29) comes deliciously handy. While you might scream ‘where is the local flavour in this Italian dish?’, the secret is in the extra ingredients – fried laksa leaves, crispy rice paper and tomato coconut chutney. All added together gives a stronger punch than the usual vanilla-style burrata.

There’s alot of grounds to cover for the main courses. For one there is the Crispy Silkie Chicken ($26), which comes jet black and fried. No joke. While its supposed to give the surprise when served, and the drumstick is tender and well-marinated.
You get more bang for your bucks with the Seafood Laksa ($22), which comes choked full of prawns, mussels, clams, and the wok-kissed linguine with house-made laksa sauce hits the right flavour spot.

My personal favourite is the Orange Pork Ribs ($28) – very meaty, tender and explosive citrusy flavours. The pork brisket bones are slow cooked till gelatinous perfection and well charred. For the Charcoal Grilled Vegetables Platter (half – $18), not really a fan of it except that this would be the go-to for the vegetarians.

As for desserts, creativity and sweet deliciousness comingles quite well, especially the Sticky Date Huat Kueh ($12) and berry-loaded Sour Fruit Slump ($12). For the Kopi Gao ($12) – which is a sort of grass jelly poured with a super gao (thick and bitter) black coffee – I am thinking why I would have this after dinner, isn’t dessert supposed to be a sweet ending? But really depends on the individuals so I reserve my reservation.

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