New Tsuta Japanese Dining @ 313 Somerset Store, Available for Delivery & Takeaway

New Tsuta Japanese Dining  @ 313 Somerset Store, Available for Delivery & Takeaway
By Alex
If you are in love of Tsuta Michelin-starred signature truffle oil ramen, then you will definitely enjoy Tsuta’s new extended dining concept. First launched in their recently opened restaurant at 313 Somerset, the menu features extensive range of new items, which includes the makis, sushi taco, temaki sushi cones, tempura, croquettes, rice bowls, hamburgs and more. Alongside all eight signature ramen flavours.
So for those folks who prefers a non-ramen Japanese cuisine there’s no reason not to head over and try their latest creations! Here are some of the featured items we tried and raved.


Starting with the maki rolls, Tsuta has introduced novel flavours like the Salted Egg Roll ($16.80) and the Avocado Ebi Roll ($16.80). While looks deceptively close to the traditional maki rolls we are so used to, the avocado roll is layered with signature housemade sweet chili mayo sauce and tobiko so you will have light hints of burning sensation felt on your tongue. There’s also the classic renditions to choose from, like the Mango Ebi Roll ($16.80) and the Miso California Roll ($13.80).

For those who wants abit of the crunch just for mouthfeels, the Assorted Fry Platter features a few fried breaded items like black tiger prawn, scallop, assorted seafood and vegetables. It’s a decent size sharing portion for 2.

The heart-warming Wagyu Beef Don ($19.80) contains pan-seared Wagyu beef with house made steak sauce, topped with onsen egg and garlic chips. If I am in a rush at 313 Somerset, I will probably order this because it satiates my hunger quickly and the beef almost melt-in-mouth

A steer away from the usual seafood and a particular dish which I fancy, the Wagyu Beef Roll ($21.80) comes with a slab of bitey, meaty prime US Wagyu steak, with a light drizzle of steak sauce. While red meat can be easily jelat, the thinly sliced wagyu paired the seasonings makes it not too heavy and much less chewy.


The new menu also features the likes of Sushi Cones (Uni Temaki is a must try, air flown from Hokkaido at $18!), grills like Seafood Okonomiyaki ($16.80) and Beef Hamburg ($13.80). Tsuta Japanese Dining dishes are now available for delivery and takeaway from their latest store at 313 Somerset or VivoCity.

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