Secret Menu At Clarke Quay? Katrina Group Offers Over 200 Dishes Under One Roof

Secret Menu At Clarke Quay? Katrina Group Offers Overs 200 Dishes Under One Roof
By Alex
Japanese? Thai? Chinese? Or Mexican?
If you are undecided on what to eat at Clarke Quay, Katrina Group introduced a fuss-free secret menu that allows diners to order across five F&B concepts. Namely Tomo Izakaya, Hutong, Bayang, Muchos and RENNthai. With over 200 dishes of five different restaurants under one roof, now nobody needs to appease one another on the dining choices while having a fun out with your friends.

For me I enjoy meaty, BBQ skewers and Hutong, which is just opposite of Tomo Izakaya where we are dining at, offers skewers (from $1) and Mala Xiao Long Xia with Maotai ($$38.90) in this Japanese restaurant.

Or say a friend who likes Tom Yum Thai Suki Hot Pot ($33) from RENNthai, now you can do so with Tomo Izakaya’s Chirashi-zushi set ($48). Not to dunk the uni or salmon in the soup of course, but the souriness hotpot soup makes the luxe Jap bento even more enticing.

What’s more, you can enjoy 1-for-1 alcoholic beverage during happy hour, get some freshly shucked oysters for only $2, and $99++ bottle of liquor promotions (Chita’s single-grain Japanese whiskey, Haku Vodka, Roku Gin and Courvoisier VSOP) across the five participating restaurants.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 5pm to 11pm (Mon closed)

Facebook and Instagram: @tomoizakayasg

3D River Valley Road, #01-14, S179023

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 5pm to 11pm (Mon closed)

Facebook and Instagram: @tomoizakayasg

Tomo Izakaya

3D River Valley Road, #01-14, S179023

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 5pm to 11pm (Mon closed)

Facebook and Instagram: @tomoizakayasg

ROMAN.TEI x RAMEN KIOU from Osaka Collaborates for SG Exclusive Dishes

ROMAN.TEI x RAMEN KIOU from Osaka Collaborates for SG Exclusive Dishes
By Alex
Popular Meat and Ramen Specialists from Japan Osaka collaborate for the first time ever to launch Singapore-exclusive dishes. From now to 16 August 2021.
We tried 2 of their dishes the RAMEN KIOU Roasted Beef Tomato Cheese Ramen ($21.90), which boasts a combination of thick & creamy tonkotsu soup, tomato, and other secret ingredients Plus ROMAN.TEI’s signature roasted beef.
Its delicious but can be quite jelat for a person to finish, so you can consider sharing with a friend.

Next is the ROMAN.TEI Mega Roasted Pork & Nankotsu Zen ($18.90). The slow-roasted pork presented beautifully in the shape of a flower & served in an exquisite Jyu box alongside the nankotsu and Japanese rice.The Mega sets come with upsized meats while the Zen sets come with appetizers, salad, and dashi broth to make ochazuke. Looks very yummy and tempting right?

Available for delivery at:

&JOY Dining Hall (Jurong Point)
1 Jurong West Central 2
Jurong Point
Singapore 648886
11:00am – 9:30pm Daily

Hainan Story Opens 24hr Coffee House @ Hotel Boss with Medley of New Food

Hainan Story Opens 24hr Coffee House @ Hotel Boss with Medley of New Food
By Alex
Hungry for Hainanese food? We sure did!After its debut at Hillion Mall, The Hainan Story opens its 2nd 24-hour outpost at Hotel Boss on 16th April, Friday. Offering Kaya toast, kway chap, satay, curry rice, waffles, ice cream and more all hours of the day.

New food items include Hainanese Yuan Yang Satay with Peanut Sauce & Pineapple Sauce ($15 for 10 sticks). Available in pork and chicken options, they are not stingy on the meat port. Perfectly grilled morsels of meat comes with 2 dipping flavours – traditional peanut sauce and pineapple sauce made with well-loved Southeast Asian ingredients and spices.

Also new to the concept is the Hainanese Claypot Braised Pork Belly Set ($13.80) and White Kway Chap and Pork Meat Ball Trio Egg Pumpkin Porridge ($9.80, served with crispy ‘you tiao’). Wholesome and delicious, I wouldn’t complain at all if its served in the morning or night.

Other notable delights include Hainanese Swiss Roll ($3.80 – $6.80) Hainanese-in-law Banana Leaf Grilled Stingray ($18.80) Ah Kor Hainanese Lamb Stew with Crispy Noodle ($12.80) Mama Wee’s Curry Chicken Drumstick Set ($7.80) Bagel Spam & Egg Burger ($5.80)

The décor pays homage to the colourful, vibrant and lively Hainanese stage opera, with splashes of bright colours punctuated with humble wooden elements and marble tables. The new store also comes with a highly instagrammable stand with pixels of bright colours dressing the space.

Social Media Giveaway Diners can take a photo while dining at The Hainan Story (Hotel Boss) outlet with tag @thehainanstory and hashtag #hainanstoryhotelboss on Instagram, and stand a chance to win an exclusive The Hainan Sotry gift box. Each box contains Limited edition specially designed The Hainan Story Coffee Cup & Saucer set A jar of The Hainan Story Signature Gula Melaka Kaya Coffee bags prepared with The Hainan Story’s own house blend of coffee beans 5 lucky winners will be chosen every week from 19 April to 31 May. Time to get creative!

  The Hainan Story (Hotel Boss)

500 Jalan Sultan, Hotel Boss, #01-09 Singapore 199020

Opens 24 hours daily Facebook and Instagram @thehainanstory Hashtag: #thehainanstory #hainanbao

Chen’s Mapo Tofu Opens Second outlet at Star Vista

Chen’s Mapo Tofu Opens Second outlet at Star Vista
By Alex
If you are a CBD dweller, the name Chen’s Mapo Tofu shouldn’t be too foreign for you. Established as a fuss-free dining option with an outstanding quality of its unique fusion of Szechwan cuisine with Japanese influences, this Michelin Bib Gourmand eatery 2nd outlet at Star Vista brings a strikingly contemporary cosy ambience with stylish elements of wood and marble meeting Chen’s trademark red and yellow.


The new launch is marked by a return of the brand’s well-loved menu with signature Mapo Tofu and popular favourites such as Dan Dan Mien, Miso, Nasu Don and Kaisen Katayaki. The Kaisen Katayaki is basically elevated ee-mian bathed in savoury seafood sauce and holds fresh seafood. It’s a crunchy flavour bomb definitely worth the carbs.

If you are old enough to recall, Chef Chen Kenichi starred in e Japanese Iron Chef series. With mains starting from $10.80, wats not to love?
Some of my favourites includes the Mapo Don (not as spicy as it looks), Kurozu Buta Don and Spicy Szechuan Dumplings. It goes down with rice very well.

And yes the Szechuan Popcorn chicken. Nothing goes as satisfying well-seasoned and crunchy and these popcorn chicken.

For the latest information on promotions, please visit Mapo Tofu official social media platform at @chensmapotofu.

Chen’s Mapo Tofu
1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-08, S138617
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm, daily
Facebook and Instagram: @chensmapotofu #ChensStarVista

Pork Free Yakiniku-Go offers Quality Meal Sets from $9.80

Pork Free Yakiniku-Go offers Quality Meal Sets from .80
By Alex
If you are a fan of yakiniku (Japanese grill), then Yakiniku-Go could be your next ideal destination. The 75th RE&S Enterprise outlet provides a cosy and casual dining experience for individuals, couples and even large group of friends, so you won’t encounter a tight situation where people have to squeeze in constrained space. And best of all, the electric grills produce no smoke, so there’s none of that lingering BBQ odour after meal.
Pork won’t be missed as there’s a huge repertoire of meats specially curated by the Japanese head chefs. The selection includes Gyutan (beef tongue), Karubi, Ribeye, Kainomi (chuck short rib), Angus Ribeye Steak and more, so beef lovers have a lot to ponder what to order. The ordering process at the restaurant is fuss-free and contactless, simply scan the QR code with mobile device to order.
My favourite is the Wagyu Tokujou Karubi (50g), its evenly marbled and has a perfect balance of fat and lean meat. It is a cut of meat taken from the 1st to 6th short ribs, its very rich in flavour with a tender bite. Cannot decide what to order? Yakiniku-Go has a few sets to make your decision making abit easier. Sets like the Manzoku Platter ($17.80), the signature Yakiniku-Go Set ($15.80) which boasts 3 types of beef cuts, and the Wagyu Tokujou Karubi Set ($26.80), which comes with 100gm of exquisite wagyu chuck short ribs.
There’s also a DIY Niku Sushi Set ($6.80) so you can get creative and make your own sushi – just grill the meat, lay it atop the vinegared rice and wrap with seaweed. Garnish with kimchi, spring onion and sesame.

33 Sengkang West Ave, The Seletar Mall, #01-49/50/51/52/53, S797653

Opening Hours: Mon- Sun. 11am – 10pm

Instagram and Facebook:


33 Sengkang West Ave, The Seletar Mall, #01-49/50/51/52/53, S797653

Opening Hours: Mon- Sun. 11am – 10pm

Instagram and Facebook:

Lo Hei in Charming Festive Domes @ Capitol Singapore

Lo Hei in Charming Festive Domes @ Capitol Singapore
By Alex
If you are looking for an unforgettable lo-hei experience this CNY, you can consider doing it in a Dome just outside the atrium of The Capitol Kempinski Hotel. Yes it’s an outdoor picnic in ultra-lux and comfort.

These air-conditioned bubble domes provide a safe and intimate space for friends and families alike, while serving as the perfect backdrop for photos. To get these domes, simply order any prosperity Yu Sheng set from either The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, Famouse Treasure or HolyCreab via to enjoy Lohei @ The Domes in an intimate setup for two hours for free with your family and friends.

Also, with good experience good food must not be forsaken. Pick a wide selection of Lunar New Year dishes and goodies, from traditional Chinese set meals at 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, Famous Treasure and HolyCrab to exquisite German-Chinese and Italian-Chinese fusion set menus from Frieda Restaurant and La Scala Ristorante respectively. We have sampled the Bak Kwa Frittata from La Scala Ristorante, Chicken Cheese Sausage Hot Dog Roll from Broadway American Diner, and Pork Belly from Frieda Restaurant. They are simply amazing and so easy to popped into mouth.

For dessert, this Mandarin Orange Choux (an orange Blossom Cream) from Berthold Delikatessen is creamy with a sweet tangy explosion, absolutely a delight.

Festive Promotions Enjoy a 10% discount at restaurants managed by The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore. The promotion is valid from 22 Jan to 26 Feb 2021.

Capitol Singapore, Outdoor Plaza

Date & Time: 22 Jan – 26 Feb 2021, 12pm – 10pm

Simply order a Yu Sheng set from either The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, Famous Treasure or HolyCrab and lohei @ The Domes in an intimate setup for 2 hours with family and friends


Lohei @ The Capitol Singapore

Capitol Singapore, Outdoor Plaza

Date & Time: 22 Jan – 26 Feb 2021, 12pm – 10pm

Simply order a Yu Sheng set from either The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, Famous Treasure or HolyCrab and lohei @ The Domes in an intimate setup for 2 hours with family and friends


Review: Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier + 3-in-1 HEPA filter

I have been busy clearing my dressing room for the baby. This means that my dressing room will become the baby’s room and ensuring clean air for the baby is important.

I have recently added Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier + 3-in-1 HEPA filter to the room.

First things first, I appreciate how simple the design looks, making it blend nicely into my monotone theme. Despite filtering the air well, Cosmo Air Purifier remains as silent as it can be because it has a noise level of just 20dB. You know how noisy some air purifier can be? I can’t imagine my baby sleeping in a noisy room.

When I turned on the appliance, I was wondering if the purifier works as a fan as well because of the strong wind that is blowing out. After reading the manual, I realized that it is built with an auto-adjusting fan. It also comes with an Anion Mode, which releases negative ions to help reduce stress and boost immune system functions.

If you are wondering how big of an area the air purifier can cover, fret not. It is capable of purifying the air within a space of 80m², which is bigger than your living room.

Other specifications of Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier + 3-in-1 HEPA filter includes:

  • Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter (filters 99.97% of all micron particles)
  • Activated Carbon Filter (neutralises odours, absorbs formaldehyde)
  • Pre-filter (filters large particles)
  • Aerodynamic 360° design for air purification in all directions
  • PM 2.5 Counter
  • Night Light Toggle

It has a night light toggle and a child lock function too.

Before I forget, each Cosmo Prime Air Purifier comes with a 5 Year Warranty instead of just 1! You can proceed to purchase them and use them at ease.

Payment is brought to you by Liquid Gateway. Article is brought to you by Best in Singapore.

Taste Gourmet Market Xmas Offering + Ah Ge’s Heirloom Savouries

Christmas should be relaxing but sometimes we want things to be perfect and we put undue stress upon ourselves. Thus, Taste Gourmet Market recent launch of Christmas offerings is a god-send for me. It has everything we need for a memorable year-end celebration, which includes the Signature Spice Rubbed Whole Turkey or Smoked Whole Turkey, both come with gilbert and cranberry sauce. Despite leaving out on the cold for a while, the turkey still retains its moisture and tenderness, every bite is flavourful and juicy.

Besides the whole turkeys, Taste Gourmet Market also features specialty Slow-cooked Peppery Beef Pastrami and Roasted Beef Ribeye with Homemade Herbs Mustard with Shallot & Thyme, Guinness Beef Sausage & Sake Kurobuta Ham which is simply the crowd’s favourite!

One surprising highlights are Ah Ge’s Curry Chicken Set and Ah Ge’s Dried Scallop Hae Bee Hiam with Croissant, lovingly prepared using his family heirloom recipes handed down through generations. I love the fusion of soft pillowy croissants with strong Hae Bee Hiam flavours, not spicy but certainly it is strong in the flavour zone.

You can also consider add on a Japanese flair this Christmas by having some sushi and sashimi platters by SENS as well!

Festive Promotions Early Bird Special Promotion from now until 8th December, shoppers get 15% discount off all items in their orders with minimum nett purchase of $150! For online purchases, simply key in the discount code: XMAS20 to enjoy the 15% early-bird discount. Additionally, there will be free delivery for all orders above $150.

Taste Singapore

118 Holland Avenue Basement 1 of Holland Raffles V Mall Singapore 278997

Facebook and Instagram: @TasteSingapore

Hutong Unveils New Menu with Szechuan BBQ Skewers from $1

Here’s something you can share it with 3 other friends, or 4 to make it merrier. Hutong, a restaurant situated at Clarke Quay known to dole out Northern Chinese cuisines, features a brand-new menu with tantalizing Szechuan BBQ skewers. The new menu comprises over 40 varieties of Szechuan appetisers and BBQ skewers, from meat to seafood and vegetables.
hutong skewers
One noteworthy mention is that these skewers are marinated with a special inhouse blend consisting of salt, white pepper powder, cooking wine and cumin powder. Then another special blend of spices are sprinkled atop the skwer before serving to give it a very unique, flavourful taste. Oh, and don’t be worried that the skewers might get cold, as they are served over a griller instead of on plates.
hutong chinese restaurant
Be spoilt for choices with offerings including chicken meat, pig intestine, pig stomach, premium beef cube, mutton leg meat, squid and fresh prawns. While indulging the meat from land and sea, do also remember to temper your palate with vegetables like oyster mushrooms, broccoli and romaine lettuce. I particularly loved the special chili oil and can pepper oil to add another depth of flavour to the grills.
hutong oyster scallops
Must try-offerings include the Fresh Oyster and Premium Half Shell Scallops, which are grilled together with the restaurant’s house-made chili paste. Accompany tat with a bowl of rice or the hot and sour rice noodles to further whets the appetite with its interplay of flavours.
hutong maotai xiao long xia
One interesting mention is the Mala Xiao Long Xia with Maotai. A generous amount of baby crawfish is stir-fried with a blend of aromatic mala spices. Before serving, a shot of Maotai is drizzled over the dish for a dramatic flambee presentation. I love the juiciness and succulent crawfish, but do remember to wear the plastic gloves and make sure you don’t wear white when eating this! (deshelling might result in collateral damage).
katrina group
You can enjoy other Katrina Group restaurants along Clarke Quay like the Japanese bar Tomo Izakaya, Thai restaurant RENNThai and Mexican bar Muchos.
katrina group hutong

3D River Valley Road, #01-07 Block D, Singapore 179023 Reservation: 6337 0144 Operating hours: Tue – Sun, 5pm to 11pm | Mon closed

Facebook @hutongrestaurant

Review: Coway Water Purifier

How big is your kitchen? Mine is pretty small so I try to got for compact, slim and sleek kitchen appliances.

Despite my kitchen being small, I wanted a water purifier machine at home so that I can save the hassle of boiling water and enjoy the luxury of having clean water to drink all day long.

I chose Coway CHO-240N in the end because of the sleek design and it’s three in one function. It is also the world’s smallest hot & cold & ambient countertop water purifier.


Main Filter: Nanotrap filter
Extraction: Purified Hot, Cold & Ambient water

Making a cup of instant coffee or noodles has never been easier with this water purifier with its instant heating and eco-friendly compressor cooling system. You can get boiling water within 2 seconds! Rushing for time in the morning? No worries! 2 seconds is all you need to make a cup of coffee.

The machine also comes with a child lock function so if you have kids at home, fret not as the kids will not have access to the hot water when you child-lock it.

Some dlderly may feel that water purifier are difficult to use but this is not the case for the Coway. The machine that I chose is intuitive and easy to use! Just a simple touch and you can get your clean water within seconds!

All in all, this water purifier is suitable for the young, adult and the old.

coway water purifier review coway water water purifier review

Among all the benefits, do you know what I love about Coway water purifier most? I do not have to worry about the filter getting dirty or if it is time for a maintenance as the guys from the Mayer team will automatically receive a report and arrange an appointment with you to change the filter!

Watch the video below to find out more about Coway CHP-240N.