BRAND’S® RubyCollagen Essence


Remember my previous post about BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence drink?

If not, recap here:

Don’t say I didn’t share with you guys about the 1 for 1 promotion!!



For forgetful or lazy people, this is not an excuse to avoid taking in collagen because BRAND’S® has came out with another kind of RubyCollagen Essence for you but in strip form!!

They just made taking in skin supplements more fun and sweet. It’s like taking in desserts. Yummy!



It comes in strips form so you can bring it out everyday. Just put in 2 strips into your daily bag before you leave home for work/school.


As I said, it can be an after meal dessert so take it after your breakfast and lunch.



This low calorie dessert is formulated with RubySignature™ which is created with a special and precious blend of different ingredients derived from natural resources like micro-collagen which is said to replenish collagen to retain our skin’s suppleness and micro-algae extract – Astaxanthin, which is the most powerful anti-oxidant to support our skin’s smoothness.


Vitamin E is also found inside this pomegranate beauty “dessert”. And why Vitamin E you may ask. It is because Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and it is very good for the skin! It literally protects and repairs the skin so you can have youthful looking skin.

Let me summarise for you. Basically, the essence strip contains Marine Fish Collagen 1500mg, Astaxanthin 1mg and Vitamin E 3IU.


The essence strip is also having the same 1 for 1 promotion!

Instead of a box for $36, it’s 36 for 2 boxes right now!!

Shop at:

Good deals must share right?! Thank me later!

BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence


Weehoooo. Feeding (masks) the skin with nutrients is very important. But you can also improve your skin from within like taking supplements orally. I enjoy eating bird nest because they are sweet and avoided collagen drinks because some of them can taste really really fishy.

I may look young but nahhhhh. You don’t really wanna know my actual age because I am OLD. Not to the extent of very old but definitely no longer classified as young where I can skip using the anti-aging products.

As we age, our body produces less collagen and this can result in wrinkled skin, as the skin becomes thinner, drier, and turns saggy. With lesser collagen and slower metabolism, new skin growth also starts to slow down. And this is where vain pots like us turn to supplements or anti-aging products.



Rather than just doing 1 out of the two, why not drink and apply the skincare at the same time? Incorporate BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence to your daily regime. I must say that I am very used to taking such drinks because I take supplements on a very regular basis.

Look at these beautiful BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence! A bed of roses, literally. It comes in two forms – Essence Strips and Bottled drink. Featured in this post is the bottled ones, which are manufactured in Taiwan. Taiwanese has good skin right??!!



What makes BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen different from other collagen drinks is that the ingredients are natural and uniquely formulated for us – Asian skin to help us achieve a more radiant skin and retain our skin’s suppleness! The essence contains Astaxanthin extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis, which is a species of micro-algae and micro-collagen peptides derived from freshwater fish.

Does micro-algae sounds good to you? Cause it sounds good to me! The smaller the molecular size, the easier it get absorbs into the body and into the skin!

It may taste a little sweet but it does not contain any added sugar, artificial colorings or preservatives. Although it is recommended to take twice daily, but I drink only one bottle per day and I can still see visible results. I wake up to supple and radiant skin. I thought I was a few years younger! lol.



I am down to my last few bottles right now. One reason why you should go for BRAND’S® InnerShine® is because they are easily available everywhere in Singapore.

Find them at leading pharmacies, selected retailers and even their e-store at

While blogging this, I saw their Buy 1 Get 1 free on-going promotion!!! Wah super worth it!!!

2 boxes of it for only $57.00. Gogogo!

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Serum

Confidence is the new make up because under all those make ups, lies the a bed of skin. Good and clear skin boosts confidence. Good and clear skin also make the application smoother.

You know when you have acnes, or scars, flaky skin and all, it kind of affect the make up a little as you will be able to see spots here and there.

So here I am, sharing with you my latest secret to flawless looking skin. I am currently using Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Serum which is said to improve the skin’s overall appearance, leaving it smoother, healthier and more purified.

Some people find serum or essence too rich for their skin. But for me, after almost two weeks of application, I can feel slight differences. I believe with longer application duration, I will be able to see more results.


After almost two weeks, I observed:

– Smoother skin
– Brighter skin tone
– A more radiant skin



MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Serum is said to:

– Significantly improves the look of skin brightness, texture and dark spots

– Goes beyond just melanin, targeting harmful impurities which can leave skin looking dull

– Gives you luminous skin to a whole new level

So far… I have already seen some of the effects. The serum is formulated and tested on Asian skin and 93% said it helps revive skin’s luminosity, 86% said it evens out their skin tone and 81% said it improves the appearance of discoloration.



Ingredients in the serum:

– Edelweiss extract, algae extract, vegetable amino acid which are capable of delivering powerful whitening benefits

– Hexylresorcinol targets glutathione and the accumulation of pigment on skin’s surface. Glutathione decreases as we age and it can impact melanocytes which are responsible for the appearance of melanin on the skin

– Maritime pine and White birch extracts targets melanin


As for the texture, although it looks like it is gelish in color, it has a very watery texture. It also has quick-absorbing formula so it gets absorbed into the skin really quickly before you can even feel anything as you rub the goodness into the skin. Super super lightweight! As for the scent, I could smell nothing at all. This is especially good for people with sensitive skin as scented skincare might cause breakouts for certain people.  It is also clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy.



As promised, watery. Since it gets absorbed so easily, you don’t have to wait for more than a minute to apply your next skin regime – the moisturizer!

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Serum will be available from 16th March 2015 onwards at $160. It is exclusively available at Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Call them at 6226 6888 or visit for more information 🙂

Laneige – The New and The Improved

I was tied between 2 events but had decided to skip one of it and head over to Laneige because it is one of my favourite makeup/skincare brands! I was filled with awe when I attended the launch of their new makeups: Click here to read

This time, they have came out with new and improved products in addition to their White Plus Renew Line and 6-in-1 BB Cushion!

The technology behind the improved formula is the Melacrusher Technology. To explain it in layman, a cell self-purification systems is accelerated to regulate melanin and waste materials that contribute to dull skin and pigmentation, while inhibiting melanin formation and transfer.

This essential step stimulates a cell to break down melanin and eliminate tri-coloured undertones – red, yellow and dark – resulting in a pure, flawless and radiant-looking skin that is 2 tones brighter.

The technology is formulated with 3 key ingredients:

Truffle Yeast Extract – Anti-oxidant and anti-yellowness care
Green Tea Extract – Whitening agent, inhibits melanin formation and block melanin transfer
Vitamin B3 – Anti-oxidant and helps to restore healthy colour to the skin.

The first product that I wanna talk about is the new Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion.

Love how clean the packaging looks.

This little cushion here has 6 amazing benefits:

– Brightening effect
– UV Protection (SPF 50+, PA+++)
– Moisturizing Effect
– Water-resistant
– Make-up Tint
– Soothing Effect

Talk about soothing, it immediately cools, soothes and refreshes skin fatigue by heat! Clinical data has shown that skin temperature drops by 4 degree Celsius after using the new BB Cushion.

It contains bead tree extract that acts as an anti-pollution whitening component that protects the skin from harmful external environment and filter pollutions. Laneige values water, so natural mineral water from Jeju Island can also be found in the ingredients. It is said to absorbed into skin faster than general mineral water.

This little treasure is priced at $59 and will be available in stores from March 2014 onwards.

Next is the best selling White Plus Renew Original Essence (40ml, $78) – the star product in the White Plus Renew line!

It has a safe and mild formula with globally proven trust and recognition. Having won 10 Global Beauty Awards in Asia within the first year of it’s launch made it a true attestation to its effective and quality.

Accordingly to the surveys done, 99% of the women experienced improved skin condition after only two weeks of use!

My first impression of it was that it looked rather creamy.

But as I started to spread it around the hands, I realized that it was more watery than creamy and after weeks of application, your skin will tend to go 2 tones brighter than the natural skin tone.

Lastly, having tried their Sleeping Pack (I bought it myself, it was not sent over for any review purposes at that point of time!), I was quite happy that they came up with another mask! – White Plus Renew Capsule Sleep Pack (A box of 16 capsules, $42).

This is a new addition to the line and it is an innovative combination between a whitening capsule and hydro gel cream.

The hydro gel is a transparent gel-type hydro ample which hydrates the skin and makes brightening capsule more effective. The brightening capsule is a soft and non-sticky cream type ample, which contains the whitening agents of Melacrusher Technology.

2 in 1 – Moisturizing and brightening care can both be delivered when you are asleep!

Thumbs up for the innovative packaging as well. The single-use hygienic packaging makes traveling more friendly and can be easily stored in the fridge!

Tina, the makeup artiste from Laneige also demostrated how we can use the products together with their make up to achieve a natural korean look.

And my whitening resolution for 2014 is…… To go 2 tones brighter! How about you? 🙂

Bio-essence Royal Jelly + ATP

The thing about features….

We want everything define. The nose, the jaw and everything

And the thing about me?

I don’t have define nose or jaw. Especially the jaw.

I was born with a rather “squarish” face which was inherited from my dear father.

THANK YOU BIO-ESSENCE for sending a set of V-Shaped Facial Contour treatment over!

Bio-essence has innovatively blended Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence and precious natural ingredients such as Gingseng, Aloe Vera and Angelica with the addition of Royal Jelly and ATP to create their latest V Face Series.

First up is the Deep Exfoliating Gel which is to be used after cleansing milk.

It disappeared into “dirt” after some rubbing.
There was no soapy or sticky kind of feel which was quite refreshing.

Exfoliating is good for the skin as it removes the dirt and dead cells on the skin.
Imagine them sticking or ‘living’ on your face! :/

If you have a lot of black/white heads, you can also remove them with Bio-essence Deep Exfoliating Gel 🙂

After Deep exfoliating Gel, wash your face with cleansing foam and apply toner.

Wait for the toner to be absorbed, apply Bio-essence Radiant Youth Essence.

The essence is a clear fluid which leaves no sticky feeling as well.
The skin absorbs well after a few rubbing. As the name goes, Radiant!

Apply it twice a day for even more radiant skin.

Suitable for dry skin as well as it helps in hydration by locking up the water content in the skin.

I have long heard of their Face Lifting Cream. And As for now, I am only applying it to the jaw areas.

Apply it after Youth Essence.

This cream is said to lift facial contours,
firms sagging skin,
reduces double chin,
contracts pores and refines skin,
reduces appearance of ageing lines,
deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin
reduces visible fine lines and wrinkles
shapes V face, enhancing feminine charm

And over 6,000,000 bottles sold!

I could feel that the skin feels firmer after 2 weeks of application.

Please also bear in mind that I am also firming the skin at The SPA-Lon 🙂

All of the products contains Royal Jelly and ATP.

The ATP helps to supply and communicate energy to skin cells like a continuous current, improving micro-circulation effectively to renew and repair skin.

Let’s add Bio-essence to our daily skincare regime? 🙂

For more information, Please visit: