Review: LUMOS RAY Home Projector

Ever since we got our own place, we have been wanting to get a home projector so that we can build a mini cinema at home. We went looking around for one but gave up eventually as they are either too bulky or too ugly.

Slowly, the idea disappeared until we found LUMOS. A lot of celebrities and influencers were raving about it online so it was really hard to give LUMOS a miss. We did our research and saw how compact and light their projectors are but we were stuck between choosing RAY or AURO.

James, being the more techy person at home decided to go with RAY after checking up on the specifications. For a normal-sized place like ours, RAY would suit our needs better.

Prices start from $199 for LUMOS RAY. We got the SMART version that comes with WiFi, YouTube & Netflix plus a RIZE stand that cost $359 in total. I don’t know what we can do with it if it doesn’t come with SMART since our objective is to watch movies online. We were glad that we stuck to our decision!

Delivery was FAST. It came a few days after the order. I was taken aback by how light and portable the device is. I expected it to be small and slightly heavy (even an iPhone Pro Max with an impact phone case seems heavier) but I could lift it easily with one hand.

RAY comes in a simple squarish design. As my home theme is all about black, white & grey, the design of RAY fits in nicely.

Some specifications of LUMOS RAY includes:

Native Resolution: 720p (Support 1080p)
Speaker: 4Ω3W x 2 (Dolby Audio Support)
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Screencast: Inbuilt Airplay/AirScreen app for iPhones & Samsung Phones, Miracast for Android phones
Memory & Storage: RAM 1GB + ROM 8GB

Please click here for the full specifications.

It did not take James more than 10 minutes to set it up in our bedroom with the RIZE stand. He even bought a wireless keyboard to type instead of controlling the device with their remote control. Lazy people like him should consider getting the keyboard too. Lol.

We could not place the projector in the middle due to space constraints so we placed it at the side. Luckily the screen can be adjusted accordingly. It feels as though we were in the cinema, if not, even better than a cinema since we were so comfy lying in our bed!

Our verdict? We are so glad that we got this and watching movies at home has never been comfier!

If you are interested in purchasing LUMOS RAY, please click here.